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Ichi Ritoru no Namida [‚PƒŠƒbƒgƒ‹‚Μ—ά]


Drama Details
Title:Ichi Ritoru no Namida
1 Liter of Tears/A Diary with Tears
Telecast:2005-10-11 to 2005-12-20

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:11 Episodes
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Users who voted for this drama (577)
1. deathstar550
Really surpassed all of my expectations. They couldn't have picked a better cast for this drama... The leads, Sawajiri Erika and Nishikido Ryo, were nothing short of stunning onscreen. Sawajiri is amazing when she smiles, amazing when she cries, amazing when she has that determined look on her face... she really was the perfect actress for this role. As for Nishikido... to be honest, I didn't warm up to his character at first. He was always so cold. But as the drama went on, I saw that he was anything but that.

Sawajiri and Nishikido -- awesome, awesome acting. There was just so much life behind them, so much intelligence, so much uniqueness. I can't put it into words, you just have to watch to show.

And this drama has just about the BEST supporting cast I've ever seen: Yakushimaru Hiroko, Aya's mother; Jinnai Takanori, Aya's father; Narumi Riko, Aya's sister; and Fujiki Naohito, Aya's doctor. These four supporting characters had acting quality of such high-calibre that they're on par with the lead actors of many other dramas. There are so many scenes where these actors shine so brightly... agh, just watch the show. :)

I've talked about Ichi Ritoru no Namida from a pure "actors" view, where I just gave my impressions on the actors and their acting. But just because I haven't talked about the main plot doesn't mean it's not worth talking about... it's just that... well, no spoilers. ;) Rest assured, this drama has both the good acting and the strong story -- Ichi Ritoru no Namida is the whole, beautiful package.

Before this turns into a rant (if it hasn't already ^^')... let me end by saying -- This drama blew me away. I double-clicked on the first episode not expecting ANYTHING. I came away from the last episode amazed and humbled at the message of this drama and the power with which it was communicated. If you could only watch one drama this year, make it this one!
2. kanon
A very emotionally gripping drama. The interaction with the characters, especially Aya, was ever-present. At times, you would just wish you could jump into the scene and bare at least half the pain for Aya.
The actors/actresses in Ichi ritoru did an exceptional job. In particular praise, Sawajiri Erika and Yakushimaru Hiroko(Shioka) were outstanding. The mother plays the role so well in the nurturing of her children. While everytime when Aya was crying, I was crying WITH her or at least tearful. It is indeed heartbreaking to see Aya lose her abilities of moving around freely and all the other things she must give up as a result of her disease. She is such a great person and brave fighter, so at the time when EVEN she collaspes; her supporters can feel nothing but hopelessness and injustice (as to why she is the chosen one of this disease).
One of the saddest dramas you'll ever come upon. But due to the way it humbles the viewer, it makes you feel that you are seeing the scenes from a first person view. And its amazing how much the show prompts the viewers to deeply sympathise with the characters. Ichi Ritoru is definitely one of the most influential, and profound dramas, ever. It communicates very well with the viewers through courage, love and despair. A must watch!
3. OCster
This drama kills me emotionally, but it's so beautiful and uplifting that it really doesn't matter. Erika is absolutely amazing in this. After watching this drama, I have to say that it's THE best drama I've ever seen (especially in terms of how much it has affected me). It's told from such a tender and loving viewpoint, from a young girl who tries to live life despite her illness and to live happily at that. It will brutally shatter your heart to pieces, but it will also inspire you in ways that can't be explained... we are taken on a journey, from the first moments of Aya's discovery of her illness to when it all ends. We watch her laugh, we watch her cry, we watch her battle the illness like she were our own friend. The OST is wonderful, but I'm very wary of listening to it because it always makes me cry. Anybody who doesn't watch 1LOT is missing out BIG TIME.
4. KJjap
God! Feels like I cried more than "1 liter of tears"!!!!!! Hell!... I just finished watching it and my eyes are so red. Plus, I ran out of tissues. How can you carry on with your life just as usual after watching this? I knew what the ending was going to be like. I had expected it all since the beginning. And yet....
I dont know what to feel. What if it happened to me? Will I also gradually die along with others that have the same disease? Would I be afraid everyday? Will I struggle and fight to live a little bit longer everyday?
I feel like yelling, screaming with all my lungs, with all my heart. I really want to get rid of this painful and heavy dullness. I want to get rid of all this sadness I have accumulated along this drama...
Sorry for getting too emotional. I guess I must be tired.
I was profoundly touched. Rest in peace Aya.
5. Amber
This dorama is unbelievably great, I dont know how one could put this dorama into words.
It is really a dorama that not just only touches you (i cried in each episode eccept for the first) but makes you think about a lot of diffent aspects with regard to life. One really starts to rethink and you will definitely change after watching "One litre of tears", you will start to appreciate your life and other people. It will change you. It is just great I would watch it over and over again. I cant describe how wonderful "One litre of tears" is. It will motivate to live your life the way you want to. It is really a great dorama everybody should watch, not only dorama viewers but everybody, it a great real-life story about a very very strong young woman who inspired a lot of people. Incredible!
6. mornin_view
based on true strory, this drama is about aya's life. a young girl who suffered from Spinocerebellar Atrophy, is a rare neurological disorder of the central nervous system. It is the slow degeneration of certain areas of the brain often associated with poor coordination of hands, speech, and eye movements. to date, there is no known cure for this condition.i must admit that it is very hard not to cry when i was watching how she struggled and fought her disease and how she wrote her deepest thoughts until the last day she could hold a pen, she did not give up hope.. she was strong inside. It brings me strength and motivation in my life. Arigatoo Aya.
7. ckh019
This is the first full drama that I watched while living in Japan. I would watch this with my friends that understood little Japanese, so they thought it was weird when I would start to cry a little. This drama left a mark in me that will not be removed. The story is so sad and well portrayed that I could feel their emotions. All of the actors and actresses did a wonderful job, but I have to say that Sawajiri Erika did outstanding. The theme song, "K - Only Human" is also my favorite song, whenever I heard the song play in the show, it was hard for me to not feel some emotion. Best drama I have ever seen
8. koomiya823
words cannot explain how good this dorama was. not only this was based on the real story, actors did extremely well. I was suprised to see ryo nishikido acting this well. It was the first time for me to see ryo acting, and i admit i was NOT expecting much from him since he is just an idol. but GOSH, I couldn't take my eyes off of him. towards the end, I could tell that he was really crying because he coudnt do much for the girl exept being by her side... I now ABSOLUTLY RESPECT RYO for doing AMAZING JOB on his role, and I don't think he is just a pretty faced idol anymore.
9. redknox
Super sadness JDrame i've ever seen in my life. Great actress and actor especially Erika Sawajiri(I believe she will be next greatest actress in japan) her mother(shioka), father, asou-kun, sensei, ako, hiroki, rika. Great storyline, makes me cry every episodes. This drama make a huge impact in my life, trully i feel shame with my life regarding aya-san who struggle with courage. I'ts really worth to collect watch it again and again. So you can be a better person and life with happiness. In scale 1-10 i give score 10. Sughoooi desu.
Hontou ni arigato aya-san.
10. Deceased
I thought Precious Time is sad but not until i watched Beautiful Life.

I thought that is the saddest drama but that changed after watching Orange Days.

This is it. I'd enough of sad dramas.

But, reviews and recommendations makes me want to watch this drama.

It was really a DRAMATIC drama, as a guy, i seldom shed a single tears for watching drama.

For this, i can't help it but feel for Aya.
and yes, i did shed 'a few' tears.

She really motivates with her strength.
11. wahyu_ru
i'm a hard-hearted guy(:p)... yet i cried when i watched this....
Erika will definitely become the next superstar.. juz like Kyoko Fukada with the Kamisama back then.... (both died at the end)...
Erika's acting juz stole everyone's heart... i mean.. that cute-innocent face, yet has a hard time...
i would like to see more of Erika in the future...

btw... is the cast for the other disabled girl, the same one who played the character Aya in the movie version?? i think so..
12. crysta03
at first i didn't want to watch this drama because i knew how sad it would be. but the reviews for it was so good, that i had to watch it. this is such a touching, heartfelt drama. please tell me that i'm not the only one who cried while watching every single episode, even the 1st one!! the ending credits for each ep. is so sad cause it shows you pics of the real aya. and i have to say that watching this drama has made me a fan of nishikido ryou. he's such a cutie!!
At first I didnt konw if DL this drama or not, because it preview was sad. But then I decided to DL it n Watch IT...and then falled in love just with the first episode. It so good acting, all its so real, the characters, locations, situations, etc. Its really really sad, and make me cry so many times...the songs by Remioromen and K are just perfect for this drama. A Must WATCH!!! Love Erika Sawajiri acting!!!! This drama left a big message to all of us...
14. meiataka
It goes without saying that this drama was a very touching one. What made it truly superb was the amazing acting done by the entire cast, not just any one person. From Erika Sawajiri's potrayal as Aya to the heart rendering performace of Aya's mother, everything was done in a way that evoked the viewers emotion. This was by far the best drama I have seen so far, making drama's like Beautiful life (which i watched later on, a bit dull)
15. yukari_no_hoshi
This is a very very inspirational and touching drama! After watching it, it really changes your perspective on life, reminds us how lucky we are just to be alive and to have dreams that are possible to reach for...

A big congratz to the cast, they made the story very very convincing, every single emotion, every line in the drama...I seriously couldn't stop crying...right from episode 1 to 11!!!!!!!

It's good to be alive ^^v
16. michiru3
This drama is awesome!! Similar to SekaChu, but I like this so much more b/c the main chara is a lot stronger and the main guy is cooler (not like, "without you, I can't live on"). The main actress really impressed me w/ her acting skills and Nishikido Ryou is just SO kakkoii here (^__^). I wanna see more of both their acting. Altho this drama is sad, it's also very uplifting. One of the best dramas I've seen.
17. sujukara
One of the best Drama's I've ever seen...I have watch so many drama and never i felt this way...this drama is the only drama that can make me shed 1 litre tears.. I don't think any other drama can do the same..the storytelling was great and added her love scene making it way more better.... i can't find any other drama that as good as this...!! and Erika did well with Aya Character... 10/10 from me...
18. qweqwe123
I voting cause this drama really got to me. I usually don't cry for dramas maybe a few, and its only one time. This drama had me in tears all the time. Never cried so much for any show or movie before.

By the end it felt like my tear ducts were empty and my face hurt.

Amazing story, with a great cast of actors. All of the characters grew on me. Especially Aya's dad.

10/10 this is a good one.
19. venusling
1 Litre Tears is based on real life story. I can feel the emotion the actress potrait. Very good acting skill and good story. This drama shows that how lucky we are as a healthy person thus we need to appreciate all the people around us and enjoy life as much as possible coz we have limited life time in this world. Life will be more meaningful with nice memories though it's short.
20. Takashi
gJust being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing.h - Kito Aya

This 15 year old young girl who was able to face her disease bravely, wow.... i would have probably commited sucide if that happend to me, but to know that this is a drama is based on a true story, its really touching!

This drama has a great meaning, and becuase of it i am living life to the fullest!
21. cold_jade
This drama really motivates... Everything were great. The script, the quotes, the cast, the music... And it leaves a really big impression and impact in your heart. Even though Asou-Kun isn't real, I think the director and Ryo-chan himself made Asou Haruoto very realistic, not too perfect to be unbelievable. And I love all the songs! This drama is just wonderful.
22. aki_07
I cried from episode 1 all the way to the last. It's not a tragic tragic plot that just wants to squeeze tears out from the audience. It's heartwarming and at the same time breaks your heart!! Makes you appreciate your health and life better. Gd values instilled, great soundtrack by K, great acting, heart-rending story without nonsensical tragedy. A classic!
23. fuyuke
I didnt knew that this show was so sad at first and I just wanted to watch it due to Erika and Ryo but crap! It really can make people cry even if u are not those who cry often. Erika did well in the show and since it is based on a true story, it makes the whole thing seem real. Good show with good plot and good looking main actors. What more do u ask for?
24. ainangst
"Powdered snow, this heart that has transcended time is faltering
And yet, I want to continue to protect you" (trans by honyakukonyaku)
the love story between aya&haruto is fictional but the pain that aya went through is real.
don't be perturb by the sad theme
worth every single tears you will shed. this is a story about love, courage and strenght
25. megumi s.
BEAUTIFULLY done. very moving. it's not the typical drama about a love story with the twist being that one partner has a disease. although there is romance, the focus is on the heroine, and her and her family's emotional struggles as she progressively gets worse. everything about this drama is amazing: the acting, the music, the storyline, everything.
26. NeWiA
This drama is so amazing! (Superb in everything! to the cast.. music.. acting.. everything!) It really touches your heart. It will open your eyes and teach you lessons about life.. I have learnt so many things from this drama. It's so inspiring.. I really love it!... One of the greatest drama for me. I will never forget this drama in my entire life.
27. Baka Senpai
an excellent drama, promoting good moral values such as compassion, kindness, patience, thanksgiving and sympathy.
sawajiri erika will have trouble topping herself again with the superb performance she gave in this drama.
ooo and please pay attention to episode 6 when ako owns hiro for aya's sake...sucha touching scene!!! definitely in my top 5.
28. pandaguitarist
depressing is not the word that describes Ichi rittoru. rather, it makes you want to live life to the fullest. it's beautiful in many aspects..and the casts light up the story. whether you like dramas or not, or whether this is the type of drama you like watching, i would suggest it just because it's THAT powerful. Ichi rittoru humbles you.
29. yamapi_lover
dear lordy.. this was one HECK of a tear jerker.. i mean seriously.. cried in EVERY EPISODE! i dont know how thats possible. but i managed to do it!!! soo sad.. sooo touching makes you appreciate what you have!!!
i lOVE RYo!!! hes a hottie in this! soo cooL! i love him!! and the girl was pretty! watch it! it touches your SOUL!!!!
30. IchibanB
This series was almost too painful to watch at times, but it was also very very good. Erika Sawajiri's performance was excellent, and she really made you feel for her. I watched the 1st 4 episodes and then had to take a break for awhile, because I was in tears every one of them, and it really wore me out. Really emotional stuff!
31. Shindou
Storytelling at its best! Erika Sawajiri carries her role to perfection and her mother is no less impressive. Add to that one of the most poignant and realistic scripts I've ever seen for these sadder doramas and you get one incredible series. Completely deserving of a perfect score and for sure one of my top jdorama picks.
32. fatsurugi
This drama is the first drama ever that I shed my tears. I love the acting from Sawajiri Erika, she is sooooo great in it, not to mention also the music from the drama are just awesome. Everything you want from a japanese drama is here, tears, laughter, frendship, love, courage, its a whole package. WELL@‚c‚n‚m‚d!!!!
33. kzzmenpool
this drama is the best. nothing can be compared to it. it is absolutely a tear machine, no questions about it. furthermore, it shows the good and bad side of people's reaction to the disabled and importance of family giving encouragement to one another to make life easier for aya to live. this is a good drama. superb
34. Saito.Sama
As the first JDrama I ever saw, Ichi Ritoru no Namida has left a special place in my heart. In all honesty, it is perhaps the greatest drama ever made. The tragic but hopeful story of Aya really made me assess my own life and realize how well-off most of us really are. Great acting by all of those involved.
35. Helena
tears, tears, lots of tears when watching this drama, i shed so many tears while watching it, no wonder they called it diary w tears, so sad story, i think both leading actor/ess did quite a good job in potraying e character, although i personally think e leading actress can brush up a bit in her acting
36. azzwipe
Words cannot begin to describe the emotions i was going through while watching 1 litre of tears. I haven't cried like this for 10 years! It was a pleasure to watch Sawajiri Erika playing Aya, she's just one of the most awesome actresses I have ever seen. Plus she's smoking hot ;-) It's a masterpiece!!
37. iheartdorama
the tears were endless when i saw this show
such an inspirational story
i admire aya so much and the strength she has
and i think that everyone should watch this drama
it has changed the way i think about life
this drama made me come back to jdramas and exposed me to ryo and his awesomeness ^^
38. teddyray110
An incredibly casted, well-acted, tearjerker of a drama, 1 Litre of Tears is. Right from the start you can sense the tone the drama sets up. Erika Sawijiri is absolutely terrific in the role giving us reasons to be thankful for life. One of the best japanese dramas I've ever seen
39. Ramsus
Great Dorama. Very touching and so sad, but at the same time it has a kind of positive message about life. You must live your life to the fullest. the cast make a very good performance, specially Erika Sawajiri.

"What's wrong with falling down?...You can always stad up again"
40. Choberibado
The most beautiful drama ever watched.

based on a true story, but contains lots of imagined things.

I seriously recommand this series, and better: buy her diary.....but be prepared to cry...

Since i discovered this story, i can't live withtout thinking about Aya.....
41. ameagari48
this drama should be number one. its the saddest, most poignant and touching drama ever and surpasses all the rest in the way that it makes you realize your own life, self worth and making sure you live your life to the fullest. EVERYONE WATCH THIS DRAMA! YOU WONT REGRET IT
42. iluvhyde
I'll vote it as the best drama for 2005. Life-altering drama. An extremely wonderful performance put up by Erika and Ryo. OST is awesome, and scenes are very well put together. This is a drama definitely not to be missed. A loss to the spiritual self if one missed it IMO. :)
43. JellyFishSushi
First drama I ever cried in! My gosh, it was so touching, especially since it's based off a true story! I was so touched when I found at the Ryo Nishikido's character was added in as a request from the mother... because Aya never had any boy fall in love with her! T^T
44. lilbabi1004
i think it's my first time watching an essentially serious jdorama based on real events. I was so amazed at the acting skill everyone displayed. It was also my first time seeing Ryo on screen...and he definately got my gratitude and praise ^-^. All around great drama!
45. teru_teru_bouzu
Ryo, Fujiki... what more can you ask in a drama...haha

Actually I didn't choose to watch this drama for them, more because when I saw the preview I knew I would love this drama, even if it means I'll cry a long time. I mean the title implies we'll cry right...haha
46. ex(alibur`
if you haven't seen Ichi Ritoru no Namida then you can't say you have seen the best jdrama yet. no exaggeration, definitely won any other shows i've seen hands down. it shines in every possible aspect (plot, ost, cast). i'll let the show do the rest of the talking.
47. bcgurl
Ok.. It's sad.. And touching. Same as what everyone says. I didn't cry as much as them, I think.. Maybe because I watched it on youtube. Damn. So wanna buy the VCD or DVD. But anyway, I still have to say it's really good although I only watched up to episode 5. :))
48. Koven
Very touching story which made me cry a lot (even Sekachuu which stays my favorite drama didn't me feel that). An excellent tragic drama accompanied with good musics. I liked a lot all actors' performances. A solid morale is advised to watch Ichi Ritoru no Namida.
49. ThyGriever
This is probably my 1st or 2nd favorite drama. It was touching, heart warming and totally different. The relationships built up in the show are ones you will never forget. I even cried! It's based on a true story so no one should miss out on this incredible drama.
50. Yumechan
This drama is just wonderful. It lets you rethink your view of life and gives you courage too.
The way how the actors act is also impressive. You can really feel with every character.
"One Litre of Tears" is a really touching story and a must-see for everyone!
51. -Takashi-
This dorama is sad, and if your into that thing then watch it. I found it good, but sad isnt really my thing. I liked it tho and thats what counts. It had good acting and a true story line which made it even sadder. When it comes down to it, its a good dorama.
52. Gosik
The 1st J-dorama I've ever seen. Beautiful and sad plus it was based on a true story. The actors that were playing the main characters did a great job. I cried every single episode. That dorama can really make you think about your life in a different way.
53. Milano
I want to give a vote to a drama in the category "super sadness", I've also watched "Beautiful Life", "Summer Snow", "Kamisama, mou sukoshi dake" and "Sekai no chuushin de, ai wo sakebu", by now "1 litres of tears" is the champion of the super sadness.
54. MissMonika
This is one of the most beautiful, touching dramas I have ever seen. It's an incredible story of overcoming tragedy and finding the will to live on. It's really amazing. It's so heartwrenching and incredible. Should be on everyone's must see list.
55. IkematsuSosuke
One of 2005's best drama..Erika-san did an awesome job as the lead..I love how the story was written..it shows the progression and how it affects her and her family..it's inspirational..reminds you not to give up and not to take things for granted
56. athida
This is one of the best I have watched. It's very touching and inspirational. I cried like crazy! I have never cried so much for a drama. The cast is amazing and I love all of them. A lot of love and human emotions that can touch anyone's heart...
57. ayura
I can't believe how much I've cried watching this drama! It's without a doubt one of the most touching and sad dramas I've ever watched, and not to mention Erika's and Ryo's impressive acting skills. A very cute couple. Definitely a must watch!
58. Kawaii Kinomoto
so sad and cute!! the love between aya and haruto is so pure and cute!! aya-chan's story is so sad and it really makes you appreciate the things we take for granted... just life is such a beautiful thing! i cried more than 1 litre of tears
59. morical
This has changed my life. It made me sign up to be an organ donator. It made me apply for a medical school after years of working in totally other industry. This drama should be part of everyone's education. It really is that good. 11/10.
60. aryena
Ok. so maybe you wont shed 1 litre of tears watching this show.
But im sure it does tug at your heartstrings.
Ryo was just the guy for the character.

Watch if you think your life is meaningless and u dont really wanna live it.
61. tsukushi-sanchai152
This is the best drama I have ever seen in my whole life!!! Congratulations to the production teams, and of course to all casts. Totally make me think twice on my purpose in life. I cried all the way watching this drama...SUPERB!!!!!
62. xiong_here
HEARTWRENCHING-TEARJEARKING-FEEL SO GOOD AND BAD DORAMA. I loved this dorama and as a guy...I found myself wiping the corner of my eyes in some episodes and more amongst the closing one... WHAT A SAD THEME SONG...but I love it!
63. wanderingfish7
You can't miss this drama if you are a J-drama fan. It is one of the most touching drama I have seen so far. Family, friends, lover.... even most of time, it will make you feel sad and cry, it might change your view of life.
64. ando_aja
Superb drama, sad but encouraging!! The best Ihave seen. Furthermore Erika Sawajiri is extremely cute...^_^ And I was able to encourage lots of friends to see this and they couldn't agree more. Even the Dorama haters...*_^
65. calmriver
Definitely the best dorama for me. Simply because the message is clear, and the casts have great chemistry. Erika is not just a pretty face with a good body, but she CAN act soo well.
Worth-watching and worth crying for.
66. popdod
This is really a DRAMATIC drama, you can't help it but feel sad for Aya. She really motivates people with her strength and quotes. Favourite quote: "While other people struggling for their future, I'm struggling to live."
67. Kanzaki
I already have seen a lot of JDoramas, but Ichi Ritoru no Namida is the only one I voted for.
Its really touching and a sentimentally story of a really greater person.

Lets go for a walk Aya, wherever you are...
68. sugar_pain
wow, this drama is a must see. It's so good and I cried at least 1 litre of tears in each episode!! Erika is really cute too, and a good actress. This drama made me like Ryo too.
I must read the book!! Love it! <3
69. koala_bry
LOOOOOOOOOOOVE sawajiri erika-chan..she's soooo kawaii and she CAN really act!! she took my heart the minute i saw her!! and frankly..who doesn't like this story!! is sooo touching!! erika-chan..daisuki!! o^___^o
70. moonchyld
because it is one of the most poignant jdramas of all time. and because it has magnificent lead actors (erika & ryo), who despite their youth were able to deliver powerful performances. wasurerarenain desu.
71. eml132
Simply put, the most powerful drama I've seen. The story, the acting, especially from Erika Sawajiri makes this the must see j-dorama. If you don't shed a tear watching this, you don't have a heart! 10/10
72. zushan
Moved straight to the top of my favourites list! This is one of the most moving doramas I've ever seen. It makes you want to cherish life, and live to the fullest. A must watch! Beautiful in it's own way.
73. UetoAyaFanboy
If you don't cry in front of this heartbreaking drama you're a heartless robot. I cried one litre of tears. Take some hankies for your lachrymal flow of tears before you start watching this doleful drama.
74. saya317
Tearjerkers aren't really my thing, and truthfully, I didn't cry when watching it. But the next day, just thinking about it, I couldn't control my tears. The power and the tragedy...absolutely touching.
75. ben_galahad
Very very touching story.But I was mesmerised by the strength and determination of the main actress in the show.It seems almost impossible for any living human to have so much detemination to survive...
76. Yamapifans
I cried more than 1 litre of tears when I watched this drama. From the first to last episode.....nonstop.....It's one of the most touching drama I've ever seen. Asou and Aya look so good together.
77. Feng
Very touching and true to life--this was a drama that I really enjoyed watching despite watching Aya suffer throughout the series.. Because this was a sad story, I had a box of tissues nearby!
78. kimjj33
The saddest drama I ever watched...T_T
I'm a guy and I cried more then a liter...
The story is very touching and shows even though you are dying there's something you can do to help others.
79. Q-chan
One of the greatest story ever... Very sad and touchy... Never thougt that nishikido Ryo can playa character such Asou Haruto. He proves that he'll going to be a great actor in the future...
80. balflear
This drama taught a lot of lessons - the importance of family, friends and especially the blessings we always take for granted... a wonderful and emotional drama with talented young actors.
81. morita
Well, actually my first reason I watched this dorama is because Sawajiri Erika was the main actress in this dorama... But after I watched it all, I found that this dorama are really good..
82. nike_girl
I cry a lot watched this drama. Sawajiri Erika as Aya is so touch. She can potray her role very well. I give 10/10 for this drama. very motivated and sad. Ryo also play his role very well.
83. Maiuuri
It was beautifully done, the acting was amazing and the storyline incredibly sad. I loved watching it even though it made me cry almost every episode. A touching and inspirational JDroama
84. nino_naru
A real touching dorama. Nice story, nice acts(beside Nishikido), nice theme songs. This is definitely a must-seen by everyone!! Erika was so great!! I love Fujiki Naohito too in here ^ ^.
85. kacang
so sad story I ever wacth(T_T). I feel like I'm glad I'm still alive ib tthis world couse I never get desease! If I like aya I want to die with no hope in my future or in my life ever!!
86. altec
One of the most heartfelt dramas I have ever seen. A truly beautiful story that gives you hope. The actors amazed me, especially Erika who played Aya-as beautiful as she is talented.
87. mirai2
Extremely sad, but very very good at the same time. This dorama makes you appreciate life. Superb acting by Erika and Ryo. I recommend this dorama to anyone who hasn't seen it.
88. luckyday
Deeply touching & inspirational series based on a true story. Great performance from all characters esp. Erika sawajiri & her mum. Definetly worth watching more than once.
89. AjiKan
Very heartwarming and sad drama starring Sawajiri Erika and Nishikido Ryo. I think they both did a great job, especially Erika. I'd recommend it to everyone. Very inspiriational.
90. liquid
everybody in the world should watch this dorama...it is not just an ordinary dorama...i learn something from this dorama...i have cried several times when i watch this dorama...
91. Lissy24
10/10 -- Definitely THE best drama! It's got sentiments, feelings and meaningfulness...is that a word? Anyway, a must see. If you haven't seen it, you're definitely missing out!
92. 5MooV3
1 of the best drama i hav seen. It will change the whole prospective of your life. You will act differently, hear things differently n see things differently....don't miss it.
93. jicks
I'm yet to be moved by a series as much as "One Litre Of Tears." Beautiful, touching, all the emotions that make you look at life in a completely different perspective. Aya <3
94. yana_preciousone
i love crying...
life have it's end..wat is important is how we're leading it...
base on a true story,dis drama really taught me the reality of life
dis drama is so sad...
95. Togepi@
super duper sad dorama i ever seen. many things you can learn by wathing this drama, esspecially how to cherish your live when you life, because you never konw when you die.
96. pinkokoro
inspirational. make you realize how lucky you are to be able to breath and live, how there're unfortunate people somewhere in the world, if they can be strong why don't you?
97. aoi_dolphine
This is one drama which can wake up most people perception of having things for granted. Even tho it's seems natural to all. Great Show and Cast definitely a MUST see drama
I cried ceaselessly, but even so, I left the show feeling as if I had been given a new lease on life. Very touching and encouraging. Excellent OST - you must hear Konayuki!
99. funkseoul
Slighty better than summer snow maybe because of the fact that it was based on a true story. Starting from the earlier episodes you'll already get sad. nonetheless great!!
100. thuydiep
the drama was so heartbreaking.. i cried alot.. and it was based on a true story that made me more sad.. the whole cast did an awesome job! my number one drama until now!
101. Coolsmurf
Well-written plot with great acting from all involved, nothing more can be said, except more than 1 litres of tears have been shed around the world who have watched this!
102. kchibi
very touching T_T cried in every eps....boohoo...~ based on true story which makes it better, very meaningful about life and all....learnt a lot! ^^ great music too!
103. akane_MYV
The best jdrama forever! It is awesome, such a great drama, enjoyed every episode, also cried almost in every episode. My favourite jdrama!!! Loving it...till death!
104. booniez
10/10 - Easily. Still, only "Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu" is sadder -- but not by a lot. I hope I can rise above my illness should I become sick like Aya.
105. lightningemperor
One of the best dramas I've ever seen. The cast was great and so was the story. I've never seen a drama that stirred my emotions so much! A definite must watch.
106. Frey
This drama is just...excellent ! I can't wait for le last ep.... Actors are great, and I cry all the times ... I thinks it's not juste " one" litre of tears...
107. Goldhawkz
one of the best drama i've ever seen.. cried a lot when watched this.. aya-nee so kawaii.. what a nice story with great flow, made me can't stop watched it..
108. Sehla Mizerable
my all-time favourite drama!! this is the first time that i've cried in every episode!! Brilliant and tear-jerking! *bows*

The soundtrack is great too!
109. TomoyoN
This drama had it all... I hate to say the cliche, but "I laughed, I cried [ALOT]," and I loved it... One of the best series I've seen in a long time...
110. strawberrynkiwi
love it~ great characters touching story. i loved aya to asou to ako to rika to hiroki to okaasan to otusan to sensei... thinking bout it makes me sad =*(
111. ribi
I cried so hard for this show even though I was not a fan of any artiste in this show. The plot is strong and although cliched at times, it was very real.
112. kyosuke81
Best drama i had been watched for last 10 years, a must watch jap drama, touching , sad and alot of tears drama , prepare yourself with lot of tissue..:)
113. Shuin
A really nice drama that I've watch this year, makes me really cry like there's no tmr... great acting from both Erika Sawajiri and also
Nishikido Ryou
114. twinkletoez
i normally dont cry, but this drama had me BAWLING! everyone is amazing in this, but ryo really stood out to me. he is more than just a pretty boy!!
115. J_S_N
Really the most sad and beautiful show i'vve ever seen!! its a MUST WATCH show!! for anyone and Erika is kowaii in it ^^ and her acting is so good~
116. MSZ-006C1
Definitely heart moving, mostly heart breaking. Sawajiri Erika's performance is impressive. It is definitely a must see. Based upon a real story.
117. .k3NiCHi
One of the most engaging and sad stories. Great performances from Sawajiri Erika and Nishikido Ryo. And it doesn't hurt that they're both hot. =]
118. narutaki
I prepared lots of tissue just for this drama ...
A very superb touching story, taught me a lesson on how to appreciate life and also love ones
119. prismatic_star
Absolutely life altering drama. The music was brilliant, actors were superb and best of all, it makes you appreciate your loved ones even more.
120. Yuumei Rei
My first drama. Beatiful and sad story... makes you think about how well you spend your life. Great acting of Sawajiri Erika in this hard role.
121. CenturyLover
Wahh, so sad... Feel sorry for Aya-chan.. But till now its a great drama with sad but interesting plot. I look forward to the next episodes.
122. james94131
I have never been more influenced by any drama in my entire life than this perfectly produced drama, from screen writing to acting to music.
123. fallenknife
This is hands-down the greatest dorama i have ever watched. Not just a tearjerker, it really makes you take a new outlook in your own life.
124. prettyfishy
i loved it. a tear-jerker and quite entertaining at times. absolutley fabulous, touching and inspirational. great cast too. a must watch :)
Soo sad.. You really can't be human if you're not even slightly touched after watching this. Moving, unforgetable, beautiful.. it's.. WOW.
126. janas
the saddest thing ILve ever watched.
I donLt like very much sad doramas but this one is simply beautiful - all I can say.
127. cheese
From the very 1st episode, i was hooked on to this drama.. I almost cried in every episode.. really a touching & heartwarming drama
128. Sevenz
Great acting by the casts. The story is so tragic, but also inspiring. A life-altering drama for me, and made me cry 1 litre of tears.
129. Doff
Some of the best stuff i've ever seen, cried the entire time, was depressed a whole week after i'd seen it. (watched it all in one go)
130. emy-chan
this drama made me cry... ohh... i love her story...a very touching story... "Just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing."
131. ueda_neko
its drama is really good!!
at first I only wanna see Ryo,
then found out its actually a good story~
(plus Ryo-chan is inside!!><)
132. staybymyside

Perfect cast. No one could have done better. A major tear-jerker. The story is touching. And real. And humbling.
133. silverchain
This is probably the best jdrama i have ever watched. Its so touching and heart-warming. I've learn alot from this drama. Great cast.
134. cikonos
Sawajiri Erika acting in this drama was perfect. The most touching drama ever. realistic life, struggling and meaning to be live on.
135. Sakibuki
most touching and beautifull "thing" i have ever seen, the first series that ever made me realy cry

and i used to be hard as rock
136. xayaxceresx
Really beautiful and touching. It inspired me a lot to keep moving on in life. I love this drama, it is definitely one of my faves.
137. leenkath16
wow...such a great drama...at first, i though i'm not gonna like it, but in the end of episode 1, i was addicted to it rightaway...
138. ryuuseigun
notice: when watching this drama have additional boxes of tissues please. this drama requires absorbent materials of any kind. >.<
139. taibabi
this one is great!!!!!! I dropped my tear few times.. but I mostly cried a lot at few last episode.. so touching!!!!!!!!!! TT__TT
140. devildj02
one of the most heartfelt drama i've watched...the title fits it perfectly with the drama coz your really going to cry buckets...
141. minilight1080
What a tearjerker of this drama? I was crying almost the whole drama. Erika portray as a sick teenage girl very well esp the end.
142. ja yakusoku
this is the BEST drama i've ever watched, no, the BEST thing i've ever watched. the actors the storyline, everything was awesome.
143. SaPpHire_
very good drama...gives me a lot of life lesson...i learn to appreciate everything on my side after watching it...plus, hot ryo!
144. cwenting
This is a teer jerker drama..very touching and saddening...Erika Sawajiri portrays Aya very well..Plus she's so cute and pretty~
145. Blaice
1 litre of tears is not enough for this drama.
It shows you a reason for living.
Great preformances especially Sawajiri Erika.
146. dj naomi
'Ichi Ritoru no Namida' is a something that every one should watch. Its very touching actually, with some very good acting in it
147. Kotanus
the most saddest drama i've ever seen! although i didnt cry one litre of tears... i've cried at least 5 times through the series
148. vap0r
Saddest drama that i've ever watch. Of course, if a drama can get you so emotional, it has got to be the greatest out there. =)
149. jiroukirihara
cried in 8 of the episodes... the only reason i didnt cry in the others was because i watched 2 in a row and was all cried out
150. aznanimedude
151. choco
very touching story, can't believe that it is based on true story. This dorama is very very good, a must watch for everyone.
152. henry012
touching and emotional throughout the drama, and the message is sent to people make this dorama one of the best there is
153. takuya_loves_me_most
the only difficult part was wiping my tears off..although it was the zillion-th times watchin
love it..*love ryo too*
154. Kotori
the best dorama ever... can't say anything more to that. It touched everyone's heart... crying one littoru no namida.
155. momoxjelly
The most touching drama i've watched its very sad but to know its based on truth really touches you more. A MUST SEE
156. apithea
Great movie. The only movie that makes me cry so bad from the very first episode til the end. It really touches me.
157. gta_master1987
how can u not love this drama....it's one of the best jdorama i've ever seen!!!! It made me cry in every episode!!!
158. inutikidude
i think everyone should watch this. it really changed my view about life.....it gave me the courage to go on......
159. modesty81
The BEST show ever!! I cried my eye out! Soo tuching story that makes you want to crie again how hard life can be.
160. ahireasu
This drama is amazing and the only one that made me cry from ep1 till the end + is based on the real story of Aya.
161. Yola
Maybe the saddest TV Series that I've ever seen, but still it's full of hope ... and by the way, I'm a Ryo-Fan <3
162. mr.children
I still don't get why this movie is not positioned at number one, because it is incomparable, far above the rest
163. ckthanhi
It make me feel how important my family is, but I've never realized before.
Crying so badly during watching it.
164. kUsAnOzAQT
This was the saddest drama i have ever seen, but it was a great one!! Nishikido kun was sooo hott as Asou kun!!
165. shooqie
If you've been following JDorama, this one shouldn't be a miss!! Absolutely caused me a litre of tears.. (T-T)
166. varuna82
The drama has a good story line based on a true story. Well made and I will give it A+ for every aspect of it.
167. hirowei87
It is incredibly touching...Moreover is a life story of a teenager..It really makes me appreciate life more..
168. Wynter
You MUST see this drama. It's so powerful and will definitely have you thinking about it for years to come.
169. tAz
the storyline is fantastic, the acting is superb. this drama is just so heartwrenching. its so real and sad.
170. Spirit_Moon
Superb Story, Superb Acting for Aya-chan, Superb Theme Songs (KOnayuki & Only Human).
Must See Dorama !
171. Spider
Sad and heartwarming drama. Keeps your attention and keeps you watching! You're shed a few tears for sure!
172. rei28
A very touching drama that really brought 1 litre of tears.. loved the interaction between Aya and Haruto..
173. Finndlin
Best drama I've watched. It is very sad, deep and moving and moreover the cast is awesome. I recommend it.
174. monmon
This drama is the best Jdrama I've ever seen.. make me cry in each episode. the story is really wonderful.
175. Yabuki
Great and sad story, cried in every single episode. The acting is also very good, it got to me real good.
176. CdMe
Simply the most touching and hard to watch drama ever. The credits / real-life picture WILL make you cry!
177. CocoXLoco
This belongs on # 1 Because the diary of tears changed the life's of millions of people for the BETTER.
178. wecky
my first year to watch jdoramas, really enjoyed 1 liter of tears, one of my favorite drama in this year
179. marthapido
This drama is so touching..crying all the way...
Nshikido Ryo and Erika Sawajiri...
Love them!!!(>~)
180. iretan
AWESOME DRAMA!! tearjerker to the end!! makes you think about your life!! RECOMMENDED!! no bullsh#t..!
181. MintDarker
this drama is extreamly nice and it is sooo touching. every1 who like jdorama should watch this show.
182. deean-chan
good artist and actor,good story.....
very touching....
it's really make me cry one litre of tears!
183. rixile
this is my very first jdrama and i was really touched by the story. definitely this drama is no. 1!!
184. chouchou
great show!! super sadd. it made me cried like mad.
and ryo is soo cute and sweet in this show! x)
185. drkazndragon
top 10 on my list. such a life-altering dorama... makes you think about the value of life. so sad.
186. Bodhi
This is one of the very best productions I have ever seen. If you watch it you will love Aya-chan.
187. Zae
I learned a lot from watching this series and also was able to view life from another perspective.
188. yujirorasy
this drama need more votes to become no 1 . this drama have more impact than 'hana yori dango'
189. 5_lvis_20
it is touching drama.......
very good drama.
i like this........
i will cry when i watch....
190. jdoramafan
the best jdorama ever, atleast for me, i know many ppl will second my opinion though..........
191. Juppi
that's made me cried a lot... especially the 10th... thx for this drama, it has changed me...
192. Karry
Everyone else says all, I have nothing to add. Just go and watch the drama, you won't regret.
193. attosaibu
Hoaa..the most awesome dorama i ever watched... Never been so touched for watching dorama...
194. Soina
This is the most touching serie I've ever watched. This definitely makes its watchers cry !
195. Akira_m
Drama drives a simple message - Live life to the fullest even if there is only a day left.
196. chynezeboy
All the other dramas got PWNED by ichi litre no namida
it doesnt get any better than dis
197. Ali
The best tv series I've ever seen
The best acting
The most crying
The saddest
198. suraya_san
the most sad drama i've watched..
but i like it very2 much..
the songs are great too..
199. misato-chan
Another touching tear jerker. Sawajiri Erika's performance was impressive. recommended!
200. deelicious
its just a drama thats worth ur time, and ur tears. extremely meaningful, and inspiring
201. netbreaker
great act by sawajiri erika and nishikodo ryo..the newcomer in japan drama industry..
202. Evil_Ellie
Really touching, the story, the people, the message and the songs. I love this drama!
203. ananas
great,and so human.
you know,she's so strong at a such young age.
i love this show.
204. akira luver
this is a great and super sad drama...i luv all the main character...this drama saiko
205. Chiharu
I've learnt a lot watching this and you rarely get to see Ryo bawling his eyes out.
206. odhie
OMG.. it really took 1 litre of tears... huhhu T_T.. but its a really good drama..
207. summershine
One of the "best sad" dramas I've ever seen. Brought me to tears many, many times.
208. vcmus1
best drama i ever watch.. really inspired my life.. all episodes are really good..
209. Amika
one of the most touching jdorma i've ever watched.. a must for all jdorama fans..
210. Rainee
A really touching drama. Makes you rethink about values of life. Very meaningful.
211. hilmifaiz24
like erika acting in this movie so much i think this movie should be the greatest
212. mukashi
Most touching drama I've ever watched! Was crying every minute of watching it^^'
213. Azumanga Daioh Fan
I love this drama. Very sad and makes you appreciate life....(the list goes on)
214. *ume*
a must see ... and like the title u might actually shed one litre of tears....
215. Ushiroyubi
just an amazing drama. the saddest i've ever seen and i've seen some sad ones.
216. starocean456
WOW, tried not to cried, but just can't do it. What a brilliance show this is.
217. RainHeartz
wah~~~ this drama is urtra nice!!!
it make me know important of many thing!!!
218. sunmoon
such a touching and meaningful drama.... everyone should definitely see it!!!
219. Aya_fans
waaaaaaaaaaaaa I guess my tears were more than 1 litter! what a great drama!
220. jess
the most touching jdrama i have seen so far :'( and ryo acted well in it <3
221. jitpunkia
just watched 2 episodes ... i think its gonna b one of the tops iv seen ..
222. shitomaru
it's not only about tears. seek the meaning....i like this dorama so much.
223. nisei
Absolutely brilliant!!! Watch it with a bucket for the tears beside you...
224. Nanaki
The most touching drama I've seen so far, one that you can never forget <3
225. kmdziak
First drama I've watched and probably the best one. I cried watching this.
226. lalalove
wonderful drama. it's very sad though, and it makes me cry very time....
227. pifernac
You can learn about the effort to face as serious problems as a disease.
228. saru92
soo good...go ryou!!! soo cute...aya too...soo sad..made me cry lots....
229. shizune
made me cry more than once..really sad story but very bes drama though..
230. doublesidedtape
This show is really touching. Great cast and I'll strongly recommend it!
231. jc05
This drama had changed so many people's lives, and one of them is mine.
232. Kaelynne
Touching show...great casts with great acting.
Hard to find these days
233. ongrina82
Great and touching!! MUST watch!! Everyone in this drama acted so well.
234. MutinousWench37
The most touching series I have ever watched. I cried in every episode.
235. kewell
Ranking at number one in my drama list! Cried buckets in this, love it!
236. sickbear
Best dorama I ever watched . Erika has wonderful acting . I like her .
237. dry_male
238. jogasa
Too sad. Made me cry a lot. Amazing Sawajira Erika performances 10/10
239. Wen3Wen
extremely sad ... makes u cherish life and view the world differently
240. Anna P
seeing ˆκƒŠƒbƒgƒ‹‚Μ—ά i learned some things that i will never forget.
241. rob1out
This is definately top 10.... thats why i'm putting my vote on here.
242. trunkims
so sad...almost too sad to watch..very very dramatic...but very good
243. atheon
The best drama of year 2005. Looking for a good cry??? This is it.
244. i am seigo
hmm i really liked this drama. very touching. plus erika was cute.
245. d_yubiwa
Eventhough very sad drama but I feel happy every time I watch it.
246. GreenRubberPlant
Made me cry from episode to episode. Very dramatic. Great acting.
247. adaaldi
oohhh,,,Aya,,,,u make me d 'boys don't cry' type of guy,,cry!!!!!
248. MoonxBunny
One of the dramas I love. It touched me in more ways than one. :D
249. zhirong
Great acting by Sawajiri Erika~ The most tear jerking drama ever.
250. sasse
So sad!! really love crying with Aya and Asoukun!! :shamefulcry:
251. alcetic
Made me cry like no other drama has!!!!! YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!
252. Jeanxi
Cried so much. Probably the best sad drama I've ever seen ~>.<~
253. arashimania
One of a better dorama... I cried a lot...Very beautiful story!
254. ashnew
this drama is outstanding!i love it!watashi kekkon dekiru?sob..
255. matsupichan
The cast is really good and the story will move the unmovable.
256. xaxa
very touching series. probably the best in the genre of drama.
257. ƒPƒ”ƒBƒ“
The most emotional series I have ever seen. Very moving story.
258. ojouprincess
the ultimate tearjerker! i was really touched by this drama...
259. iceuck
1 liter of tears... i wept more than a liter.
so touching...
260. xiaole

This drama got me one litre of tears. ;___;
261. kancutpink

262. anon001
very tear jerking drama
i cant stop my tears n i dunno y!!!
263. k4g0me
SADDEST DRAMA EVER. Couldnt stop watching. Awesome drama.
264. w-kassy
Really touching story line, make me cry a whole episodes...
265. xNoblexScarletx
Simply I love this drama... it's so touching and beautiful.
266. hyannisann
This drama definitely deserve my vote and many, many more!
267. WinG
This show is very touching...
this is a very nice show..
268. blooberries2010
this film made me cry for first time since i watch dorama
269. noungnoi
i cry all the time when i watch.

it's the best drama.
270. outlaws0025
Saddest dorama ever made. Really glad I watched it, tho.
271. minerva
Great story with superb cast and moving background song
272. kaadonkadunk
Loved the characters. Loved the story. LOVED THE DRAMA.
273. UtadaFan
I have seen hundreds of Jdoramas, but this is THE BEST
274. blastx
changed my perpective on life totally. a muz watch T_T
275. kaily
Heart-breaking dorama! I cried a lot! Aya is my ideal!
276. gwenny
the all time saddest drama!! you have to see ittt >__<
277. sweetsugars
teaches you alot of things :D really really touching.
278. kawaiikitsune
it's sad...... but it gives you a new look on life.
279. robetella
Best drama i've watched in my entire life. THE BEST!
280. dawnie
this should be the no 1 drama here, not GTO tsssh :P
281. pokester08
I'm just a sucker for these heart-wrenching dramas.
282. ihvana_003
great!! every episodes was worth watching!!! xDDD
283. kwokinator88
Great Story, Great Acting, Perfect Actors, Sugoi
284. Charizard
very touch and it teaches us the lesson of life
285. killuaherm
very...very...very...touching,sad but inspiring
286. kkcjojo
lovely story and it makes you think about life
287. ikadoodledoo
made me cry a lot.. but has some loose ends...
288. RAJIN90

289. indokid
a must watch!!! very inspiring and meaningful
290. mok
One of the best heart wrenching jdrama ever!!
291. momoko_ichigo
relly good drama
i cried most of the time
292. Makochan
All I can say is "Wow". Bring your tissues.
293. alilia
The best I've ever seen
Acting was PERFECT
294. Xianyang
A drama of hope, strength and family love.
295. negativex
very touching..and ryo looks super cool :D
296. PepperGreen
the most touching drama i've ever watched.
297. Carlanox
darn, this drama got me. I did cry a lot.
298. katrinac
superb emotional and life altering drama.
299. bugsie
The most touching drama i have ever seen.
300. usagi_on_the_moon
Truly one of the best dramas ever made.
301. denshaotoko91
a really good and sad drama. i love it.
302. babelbox
Very moving drama. Highly recommended.
303. darkpuma
i like the topic of this drama....Life!
304. bluescorpion
I really touched when I see this drama.
305. kamiyakaoru85
tear-jerker, i cried for all episodes!
306. kittycutie
i cried along with the story.. ehehe..
307. banditkingg
loved it!! The casts are awesome 10/10
308. maxs
a very touching dorama, 2 thumbs up.
309. dagashi
one of the most touching series ever!
310. oberon
this drama rocks. minna go watch it!!
311. aku
teach to enjoy the life that you have
312. ukoziak
Damnit, need to buy a new tissue box.
313. aki4eva
great dorama!!
such a tragedy story
314. Nanahara_shuya
Really Awesome movie!! must watch !!
315. livewire17
the best jdorama ive watched so far!
316. nicpkh
Great drama..recommend to everybody
317. paten
A Sad Story but gives a great drama
318. Aiko221
just fink itz gd....relli sad...='(
319. nameless_one86
very touching drama, make me cry...
320. illuminati
very good drama. a real tear-jerker
321. basilisk
this drama kills me...in a good way
322. Mikari
Most touching drama I've ever seen!
323. vivirm
best ever drama that shock my life
324. hoindawall
most inspirational drama i've seen
325. kenike1
sad and its based on a true story
326. hisashi
Most touching drama ever watched.
327. korogui
Very sugoi! the best perfomance!
328. biagio69
best drama ever
[rating 10 /10
329. Wongo
First drama I've ever watched...
330. joykimlee
This stole me away from Kdramas.
331. Jyangel
I love this drama is so sad....
332. oToyz
very sad dorama. #1 sad dorama.
333. Srey-Leak
it is first a to make me cry ^^
334. yuuichi
because it is a legendary drama
335. Grim Eyes
Erika Sawajiri.... 'nuff said.
336. hdht
Very nice show ^^
Cry more !!
337. Beeeezer
Excellent !!! Two thumbs up.
338. kou
touched my heart. <3 aya-san!
339. agp_frick
The saddest drama ever...!!!
340. Zapper
made me cry alot i mean alot
341. heppy
i love this show.. so sad..
342. moji33
this drama changed my life.
343. pv604
Very touching and sad story
344. eiza
Really touching drama...T^T
345. Kendesu
one of the best drama ever
346. Septimus
Touching and heart warming
347. vitch
The must-see Family Movie!
348. galeway
A touching and sad story..
349. DramaxAddict78

Amazin drama ^^
350. 8thSin
Most touching series ever
351. OKI_KcRyo
Ryochan! I vote for this!
352. dhienz
Really tauching!! hiks,,,
353. Parishilton
i cried every episode :(
354. ediith
such an inspiring story.
355. bshater
A very touching story!!
356. sammyy003
what a tearjerker. :D
357. Sorata
Personal Rating: 15th
358. Dega Kima
Best. Drama. Period.
359. ranmasama
Greatest Drama Ever!
360. Jhvx
Very touching drama
361. gaban
touching my heart !
362. cksupes
Incredibly touching
363. Mali
really touching...
364. doublemask
Touches the heart.
365. sessy64
I cried so much ):
366. fibeal
really good drama
367. luv4evaluv
really touchin ne
368. einraelle
This is awesome!!
369. shiruchsn
a perfect drama!
370. tenshi01
a touching drama
371. olot
Very good drama.
372. xoai
It makes me cry!
373. vina.loves.sushi
very touching...
374. bamboo
touches life...!
375. little_cat
very touching!!!
376. Licio
9/10 - 31/5/2009
377. hebiko
~ no comment ~
378. hesaki
worth watching
379. ricataka
Lesson of life
380. pippy_m1
I love it !!!
381. ocha4ever
sad drama...
382. tetoots
383. mitha-chan
384. aubrery
385. slencia
My favorite
386. tezhiro
so sad....
387. mii_
loved it!!
388. alesan
must see
389. Babyy
390. maui
my fav.
391. heimu
392. One
393. Rokugatsu Ken
394. YoNnA
395. natni
396. kotya
397. xxhiroxx
398. kamikaze54
399. nur_dalilah
400. MixxDreamer
401. l0nEr
402. ShyBLAzn
403. timelapse
404. Hero
405. Anjelus
406. hairbeeleck
407. ahweigor
408. chiumui
409. crvn107
410. panga
411. yan_ange
412. chu-girl
413. calico
414. lgp1520
415. kinsei
416. kkl
417. junkpro11
418. Ozmek
419. kiwi
420. room304
421. carla-chan
422. Shun_Junsweden
423. OKI
424. Ralbol
425. runpup
426. koridesu
427. Concealeddreamer
428. Dr_Pain
429. Sow Mei
430. conan_02
431. takariforu
432. luvnickie
433. anton
434. Shachus
435. cacharel87
436. stroberica
437. Acedia
438. Guy_Viet
439. elventuna
440. yo-chan
441. shinji1246
442. estranged
443. sauerkraut
444. hyroshi84
445. IntRoVertIsh
446. KnoTdoLL
447. shingetta
448. -kk-
449. bitsandpieces
450. Kimbles
451. cassy_potter
452. sao
453. kidthief
454. octane
455. JackClark
456. jpop*girl
457. stars
458. saito.hikaru
459. piano
460. coffeandtea
461. geoffropuff
462. Takeya
463. PiriChan
464. MaoMoLin
465. yamapi_4lways
466. da_wintergurl
467. Tohru_chan
468. Goshujin-sama
469. silverpuzzle
470. hamsters
471. Tokibaka
472. LostOneTR
473. Macchi
474. Sana1x2
475. Kiyohiko
476. Bushwick2002
477. AiBaka
478. Taisuke
479. Keru-chan
480. rachaelakl
481. afroninja
482. mystewpig
483. zeraya
484. antonioz
485. sockbeam
486. tkato
487. daemon
488. pattty
489. TeruJoe
490. SandBoi
491. ruji
492. pollen
493. Shukaji
494. mufc
495. Nadu
496. akplaya
497. zeerfir
498. baby_bytes
499. sunlongan
500. ravage777
501. Forest
502. eiz1021
503. kmister
504. sakuravalentine
505. zileas
506. centresquare98
507. miltz
508. deeazan
509. jalen
510. xerith
511. uhno
512. xploring
513. uchi23
514. oxHersheysKisses
515. fabiohidashi
516. Hikari2
517. joe_cute
518. kfc
519. odaoda
520. dereverse
521. Ramen
522. deina-kun
523. thinkbeyond
524. 4red
525. m0m0e
526. ashkenazi
527. eiman
528. partn3rsincrime
529. danicz24
530. cleung17
531. na0mi
532. eri-chan
533. eriza
534. gmjp
535. tsukikei
536. SurferZ
537. bosswithsauce
538. shinjitsu
539. lil-devil
540. Cantare
541. Amano_Tsukiko
542. mc.D
543. Mabelka
544. nomuramai
545. mikal19
546. Z&Eacute;
547. Italo
548. Silvia dentista
549. Almir Borges
550. tinyamaki
551. Hagumi-chan
552. DareDaniel
553. YuIchi
554. Žs‰Ν‚δ‚€‚Ά
555. katakura_satsuki
556. konkon
557. Soap3rz
558. kun_cheero
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563. chokakoi
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567. tagnickname55
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569. Oliver
570. EriKoibito
571. NellParkinson
572. DreamyPuff
573. Quincy
574. Drake
575. kiel_alterego
576. david97
577. JMaruyama

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