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Drama Listing : B
Boku, Unmei no Hito desu
Boku, Unmei no Hito desu.
I'm Your Destiny

29-year-old Makoto (Kamenashi Kazuya) is an office employee who believes in fate. He and Haruko (Kimura...
Bokura ni Ai wo!
Give us love! / Ladies and ONBORO-man

He's afraid of flying. ... He has lost his job, but now he runs a shabby lodging house for his hospitalized...
Bokura no yuuki ~miman toushi~
ぼくらの勇氣 ~未滿都市~
Keys to the city ~ the kids are in charge ~ / Miman city

An entire city becomes managed solely by children after a government-hidden accident results in all of...
Bokura Playboys Jukunen Tanteisha
僕らプレイボーイズ 熟年探偵社

Iwase Koichiro was working in the sales department of a large home electronics company, when he was retrenched...
Bokura wa Minna Shindeiru
We Are Dead People
Bokutachi ga Yarimashita
Fugitive Boys

High school students Tobio (Kubota Masataka), Maru (Hayama Shono), Isami (Mamiya Shotaro), and 20-year-old...
Bokutachi no Long Vacation
Our Long Vacation
Bonkura 2

There was a series of baffling disappearances of the residents from a tenement house in Edo Fukagawa....

Ishikawa Ango is a detective with smarts and a keen sense of observation. He's in great physical shape...
Border ~hanzai shinri sousatsu file~
ボーダー 犯罪心理捜査ファイル

A drama about a cop (Nakamori) going after bad guys, unfortunately the story didn't finish itself since...
The firefighters are always straddling the borderline between everyday life and the edge of death. They...
This series revolves around a group of peculiar detectives in a new division created to fight against...
BOSS 2Botan to Bara
Love and Hatred

Kyoko is a nurse who is betrayed by her husband Toyoki. She is so furious that she kidnaps Mayo, the...

Shishido Joichiro (Hirano Kinari) cannot tolerate unreasonable things and bullying. After moving from...
Boy hunt

Two girls, Tatase Riri (Mizuki) and Nakada Chisato (Seto), got to know each other after a misunderstanding,...
Boys Este

Akagi Hibiki is a high schooler who takes up a part-time job at an esthetic salon, and is said to have...
Boys on the Run

Tanishi Toshiyuki (Maruyama Ryuhei), a salaryman who works for a small toy manufacturer, has never had...

Miki Imai plays Midori, a fashion industry executive who is dedicated to her job but beginning to wonder...