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Drama Listing : L
Limit: Moshimo wagako ga

Jinnai Takanori plays a father of a kidnapped child.
Former police officer, Terahara Ken, works for a private security firm. He is suddenly summoned back...
Lion Sensei

When it comes to hair, Naoto Takenaka trumps all the competition. He will boast a mustache, beard and...

A touching story that tells you the other side of youths in a detention centre, with the focus on Ryoko's...
Long Goodbye

Based on the same-titled novel by Raymond Chandler, the drama is set in Tokyo, in the 50's. Harada...
Long Love Letter

It's January 7, just after the New Year begins. Make up classes are being held for students that aren't...
Long vacation

Senna , 24 (Kimura) is a college graduate who dreams of becoming a world class pianist. He teaches piano...
Longing For The Old You
A young woman who faces the harsh realities of adult life after falling in love with her boss.

In each episode, the lead character will be in a situation where he or she is about to die. Time suddenly...
Lost Days
A group of university students who belong to the same Tennis Club, Shino Yuta, Sakurada Miki, Sasaki...
Lotto 6 de San-oku Ni-senman En Ateta Otoko
The Man who Won 320 million Yen in Lotto 6

Takashi Sorimachi stars as Satoru Tachibana, an advertising firm employee slaving away under a younger...
Love again

Her love for schoolmate Yuta having gone completely unnoticed, Mizuki learns to forget about Yuta after...
Love and Eros

When Kasumi's husband dies in a car wreck, Ryuichi vows to watch over her and her unborn son. Over the...
Love and peace

A police detective assumes parental responsibility for two nephews and a niece after his elder brother...
Love complex

Sorimachi Takashi and Karasawa Toshiaki star in "Love Complex". Someone has been stealing money within...
What is the LOVE GAME? If you can pass the ultimate challenge regarding love, you will receive 100 million...
Love generation

Katagiri Teppei (Kimura) is a promising creative agent, but whose attitude gets him transferred to the...
Love letterLove or Not
Mako (Motokariya Yuika), an interior designer, has not been able to forget her first love who saved her...
Love or Not
A tangle results from a meeting between six men and women after one message … … Hirosawa Mako, an...