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Drama Listing : O

The 31st NHK Asadora Drama is Oshin. Oshin tells the story of a girl born into a very poor rural...
Osorubeshi! Otonashi Karensan
おそるべしっ!!! 音無可憐さん

This is a light-hearted, typical high-school 'girl-have-crush-on-boy' type of drama. The main character,...
Osozaki no Himawari
Late Blooming Sunflower

The drama is set at the beautiful Shimanto River in the Kochi prefecture and revolves around a group...
Otasukeya Jinpachi

In Asakusa, there is a family of rickshaw runners that spans 5 generation. They are all known as Kurumaya...
Otenki Onee-san

Abe Haruko is a genius meteorologist and presents the weather forecast for the TV morning show, "MorningZ"....
Otoko girai
Averse to men

This drama centers around three sisters with modern ambitions and dreams, and equally modern struggles...
Otoko Meshi
侠飯 ~ おとこめし

University student Wakamizu Ryota goes to an interview at the publishing company of his dreams, but is...
Otoko ni tsuite
About men

A sad and painful chapter opens for the heroine of this drama when her boyfriend takes off with her father's...
Otoko no ibasho
A man's place

A letter of appointment has sealed the fate of the central character, who had trained as a salesman but...
Otoko no Kosodate

The show is described as a home comedy depicting the problems faced by a modern family. Takahashi plays...
Otoko no Misao

Itsuki Misao is a struggling enka singer whose wife Junko has already passed away. He lives with their...

This is a story about two young samurai who set out to fight against evil. Todo Itsuma and Takeda Shinsaburo,...
Otokomae! 2
オトコマエ! 2

The story about two young samurai who set out to fight against evil continues.
Otome no Punch

Saotome Hikaru, 24, a professional female boxer, has nothing special about herself, except for her 182cm...

"Otome-san" is a term for mother-in-law, while "Kowai", which means "scary" in Japanese, stands for the...

On the outside, kendo fighter Masamune Asuka is a popular high school student and embodies the "cool"...
Otona Joshi
Lady Girls

"Lady Girls" is a poignant romantic comedy that portrays the lives of three single, professional women...
Otona Koukou

The “adult school” is a public institution which the government set up based on the Second Compulsory...
Otona no Natsu Yasumi
Summer At The Beach House / Adult Summer Vacation

34-year-old Miyuki is a traditional Japanese housewife, with her g salarymanh husband and a son. Although...
Otona no otoko
Middle-aged bachelors / Three grown men

Three close friends realize, at the age of 40, that maybe it's time to think seriously about getting...