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Drama Listing : R
Renai Sagishi

A love imposter is a person who is a professional playboy. Not only he has to be good looking, very educated,...
Rennai ChudokuRennai Kekkon no Hosoku
The Rules of Marrying for Love/Law of Marriage for Love

Kyoko Koizumi plays a 32 year old woman who is going through a few changes in her life - she has been...
Rennai zenya ichidodake no koi 1
Rennai zenya ichidodake no koi 2Rental Kyuseishu

"If you want help, but have no one to consult ... At such times, make a phone call first!" Akenabe Yugofs...
Rental no Koi

Takasugi Remi (Goriki Ayame) is the most popular rental girlfriend of Rental Lovers, a company which...
Repeat ~ Unmei wo Kaeru Juukagetsu
リピート ~ 運命を変える10か月
Wheel of Fortune

Shinozaki Ayumi (Kanjiya Shihori) receives a strange call telling her that an earthquake will occur one...
RESCUE ~ Tokubetsukodo Kyujotai
RESCUE ~ Pride of Orange

Kitajima Daichi is a young man inspired to become a firefighter after a childhood incident in which he...

Anri is a "time guide", a being with the power to "reset" people's lives and give them a chance to change...
Resident ~5-nin no Kenshui

Patients are brought in one after the other. Being put in an environment where there is a race against...

Salaryman Fukase Kazuhisa (Fujiwara Tatsuya) graduated from a famous university but his life is very...

This series follows the daily lives of 4 vampires that live together in a European-style building: Kiyoi...
Rice Curry
Journey to the canadian rockies

Two young men disillusioned with their present existence set off for Canada to open a small curry restaurant....
Rich Man, Poor Woman

Hinata Tetsushi is an affluent man whose personality is on the contrary, speckled with flaws. A CEO of...
Ride Ride Ride

The Tochigi Prefecture is setting up Japan's first professional road bicycle racing team "Nasu Bengazu"....
Rikon Bengoshi
Divorce Lawyer

Takako Mamiya is a lawyer who quits her job at a prestigious law firm, and establishes her own office....
Rikon Bengoshi 2
離婚弁護士II〜ハンサム ウーマン〜
Divroce Lawyer 2 ~Handsome Woman~

In the previous series, Takako Mamiya was an elite lawyer who handled public relations cases. She quit...
Rikon Doukyo
Living Together after Divorce

Konaka Dai is a former model photographer who now doesn't do more than take pictures of cats and old...

Miyazawa Koichi is the fourth generation CEO of Kohazeya, a manufacturer of Japanese socks in Gyoda City,...