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Uchiyama Rina 内山理名 ( Rina Uchiyama )

NameUchiyama Rina
Star SignScorpio
Birthday07 November 1981
Blood TypeO
B/W/H79 / 56 / 79

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Uchiyama Rina

The absolutely gorgeous and talented Uchiyama Rina has had roles in many successful dramas such as Good Luck!, SOS, and Moto Kare. Although not known to be the ...

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Kumogiri Nizaemon 2 雲霧 仁左衛門2Kumogiri Nizaemon 2
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Boku Tachi no Senso 僕たちの戦争Boku Tachi no Senso

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Ooku~Hana no Ran~ 大奥〜華の乱〜Ooku~Hana no Ran~
Propose - Sekai de Ichiban Shiawase-na Kotoba プロポーズ〜世界で一番しあわせな言葉〜Propose - Sekai de Ichiban Shiawase-na Kotoba

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Fire Boys ファイアーボーイズ 〜め組の大吾〜Fire Boys
ファイアーボーイズ 〜め組の大吾〜

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Users who voted for this artiste (114)
1. wsim
Still young, has some potential left in her. I haven't seen too much of her acting but she did a fine job in SOS. She doesn't get lead roles but does a very solid job acting in supporting roles and such. Nice facial expressions, cute in a way...... the verdict is still out but I do sense some bigger roles for her in the future.
2. asugar2
The absolutely gorgeous and talented Uchiyama Rina has had roles in many successful dramas such as Good Luck!, SOS, and Moto Kare. Although not known to be the "leading lady", with such charisma and potential, there is no doubt that in only a matter of time she will steal the spotlight
3. yamada_taro
Am not sure what to think of her acting. I thought she was too overly cute in Good Luck!! (although she probably had to do that for her character) but she was quite good in SOS. She is definitely very, very pretty.
4. Danji
Fell in LOVE with Rina in S.O.S., ever since, she's a face that I look for, and will download most any show she is in. I originally grabbed Bus Stop for Rina's part, but fell in love with the other characters.
5. Fuwari
She's almost flawless when displaying her acting talents, and I would certainly most agree that her beauty would only add more compliment to her established history of films that made her big. Rock on Rina!
6. Pinoyboy
Young, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Pretty, Cute, Hot, y, Delightful, Charming, Elegant, Exqusite, White, Light, Soft, Smooth, Clean-Skinned. She looked so cute when she was ed off in War Of The Belles.
7. pearl
I never liked her before but after watching her stealer performance in "Motokare", I start to like her a lot. She is very cute and sweet looking in "Motokare". Very natural in acting.
8. yukari_no_hoshi
Rina is absolutely gorgeous and she is a solidly good actress!!! She manages to play all sorts of character and her performance always manage to capture my heart! Go Rina, go Rina!!!
9. komos
Another one of those 'cute' actresses. I liked her in S.O.S. and Good Luck!!. I just have to hope that she doesn't run off with my boyfriend who is absolutely obsessed with her...
10. burger
my fav girl next door....did a good job in the show....too bad she did not end up with her neighbour...:(

hope she gets to be the lead actress in future dramas...:)
11. ahochaude
Rina is sooooooo~ hot!!!!!!! Her smile and eyes........ Whoa~ baby!
You can see my comments using this link.

12. godai-san
I didn't notice her in SOS cuz I was too busy noticing Kyoko Fukada. Just wanted to let you know I learned my mistake. She's a cutie-patootie. Hot!
13. Doramafan113
Fantastic in everything she is in. Even when she is cast as a supporting actress she steals the show. Look forward to see any new Rina Drama's.
14. musicfreak16
she better play a lead sometime-I'm getting tired of her being the nice girl who always gets dumped by leading actresses :o(
15. Y*U*K*I
She's SO x1000 cute! She's so straight forward and innocent looking...haha I like using her pics for my site layouts~
16. rs200
First saw her on Good Luck - played a minor role yet made an impression with her bright personality and killer smile.
17. MonsterZero65
Stunning. I am in love with this woman. I have never seen her in any drama where she did not steal the show.
18. Qky
she is very cute!!!! i just can't stand it when she smiles... the whole world feels like trembling..
19. kin_2109
Although she doesn't play many main roles but i still like her.Going to watch her in Hana no Ran..
20. Geno_SV
One of my favorite artistes (The other would be Kimura Takuya). And she is such a bishoujo ^__^
21. azn_wrx
Another talented actor who has started in a bunch of memorible seires. Hope to see more of her
22. Lee-chan
Talented, versatile, and very pretty. Steals the show, even when she's a supporting character.
23. MonsterZero-65
So Cute. I really hope she gets some more lead roles. She is really amazing in a kimono.
24. iceuck
i just like her, not as annoying as kyoko fukada <--most annoying girl in the planet
25. kewlger
I love rina channnn~~~!!
shes so cute and has the cutest facial expressions! >_<
26. hopa_boy
1st saw her in bus stop... got hooked in SOS... one of the cutest of all time
27. Y-Not
She's freaking hot in S.O.S !!!!!!!!~
Rina wa kawaii desu ne ?~ v(^ o ^)v
28. FaBiAn
I simply loveeeeeeeeee her. I've never love any artiste this much before :D
29. bearz
kawaiiiiii!!! never seen the cute girl like him... nice to see her on drama
30. azazral
she;s really cute.. and good in acting especially in moto kare... sweet.!!

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