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Kimura Takuya 木村拓哉 ( Takuya Kimura )

NameKimura Takuya
JPop GroupSMAP
Star SignScorpio
Birthday13 November 1972
Blood TypeO

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1. dreamer10231
i didn't appreciate him in long vacation...i've seen love generation and beautiful life; nonetheless, it was in pride where i appreciated his looks, his acting, and etc...now, i've seen hero, good luck, and karei-naru ichizoku...he does not only have the looks but actually the charm to act...when he acts, his eyes really acts as well...perhaps he is one of the few actors that still looks good when crying...he is amazing...now i realized why he became a phenomenon...he's also a good performer and host...he seems to be not a kill joy...despite of his achievements, he seems to be grounded still...acting is so natural to him
2. compaqmac321
when i first started watching jdramas in late 2008 i came to this site. i clicked on the top 50 for actors and this guy was number 1...i thought to myself who the fuck is this guy, and why is he dominating....it took me a couple months to watch a show with him in it and it was long vacation......after that show, haha i found my self watching 3 more of his shows in a row and found out why he was number one.....great actor....great.....not number one cuz nagase takes the cake, but he IS number 2....can play ANY role....kimura takuya i give you my respect, ill prolly end up watching every show youll be in lol
3. eosforo
Iit's not about that girly freak for his kakoi pose as I'm a MAN! But, you know, I've watched Pride and really think he is a great actor, then I got to see Long Vacation and he was so different. So, the reason exactly is that when I first saw Pride, I thought he was good, but not that really, as for me he was just a tough-poser guy in reality adored by asian girls... then, Long Vacation just changed my mind, he's fragile and all. So, it's really about a good acting... being able to do what the character asks for, whatever the hockey skipper or the young music artist.
4. IkematsuSosuke
I never really understood the hype for him, but after watching Engine..I like him a lot so I give him a vote! Ppl seem to be disappointed in Engine because they seem to already wrote the storyline in their own heads--a new role for him, not a love story. It's a good family drama and I think the ending kiss at the end look real good.

Kimura-san did really well in this drama, IMO better than his other ones. Maybe I'm more into family dramas than love stories.

I also like his shirts in the drama, especially the polos. Looks like nice and comfy!
5. 菜奈子
i never gave this superb actor a chance.. i guess because he wasn't young and at first glance not really a heartthrob lol but after watching pride i see why he's so popular, just one drama of his is enough to get me this excited about this actor's acting abilities so i'm looking forward to watching more of this talented actor's dramas![edit] watch HERO and Love Generation! Long Vacation is wonderful, although kimutaku's character was the least "cool" in Long Vacation it was one of my fav's!
6. crealism
Anyone who knows about Japan knows about Takuya - the King of Japanese doramas. He is the one who brought me into the world of Jdorama. Long Vacation was the first Jdorama that managed to catch my attention and I was just smittened with him in the show. I started collecting Jdoramas because of him, and I have to say he has never ever disappointed me. ENGINE, HERO, Love Generation, PRIDE, Good Luck!!, etc..he just releases one great drama after another. He is just, simply, fantastic.
7. tofuuuuu
He's taken all the crap because of his powerful charisma. A sad fact about Takuya Kimura, even if he tops all the actors in japan, he can't take the credit for being an actor. There's always the haters who will look down upon him just because he is THE Kimutaku. The guy will forever be number ONE. All the best to you Kimura-san.
Added: [As "Ender's Girl"s best friend put it, "It's hard to be KimuTaku: forever being overestimated and forever being underestimated."]
8. kakeru
the fact that he's been around for ages n topping the Japanese scene really impress me. what can i say? simply WOW!!! it's scary to think how popular he is. why do i LOVE him? the first time i saw him in 'concerto' was pretty much the reason y i drool over him until now. he has this unexplainable presence that one cannot ignore. he's multi-talented, n is not afraid to act stupid in front of the audience, esp in his smapxsmap skits. he's really funny. i LOVE takuya.
9. moonchyld
because he's one of the most flexible and best actors in the WORLD. he just simply has a knack of carrying any role he handles. notwithstanding the fact that he's gorgeous, the way he acts is just breath-taking, and he truly gives life to his characters.
i wasn't a fan at first, but gradually i realized that (almost) every drama of his, i liked and enjoyed watching. in short, he's just a great actor with amazing abilities and jaw-dropping looks. :)
10. Phyllis
Artist and idol-wise, he gives 120% to everything he gets his hands on and it shows. He is an amazing all-rounder who is excellent at singing, dancing and entertaining fans.
Acting-wise, he is the reason that I'm as completely sucked into jdrama as I am now. He has the ability to create unforgettable characters and breathe life into them, making them REAL. I absolutely love all his work, and I look forward to seeing more of him. Kimura-san ganbatte!
11. Anees
At first, I knew he was a pretty good actor, but I never wanted to admit how good he really is, mostly because he is a pretty boy. But, after watching so many of his dramas, he has won my vote. He's so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems like a lot of characters are really similar on the surface, but most of them have been really different from the rest, and he's done a good job portraying all of their specific traits. He's so versatile, and so cool!
12. halu09
The Best actor of all time! always made boring shows better with his excellent, natural acting skills. he has always made his character better, cool & very alive; always succesful at portraying and playing his charcter in the movie or series. He made acting look like a very easy task. Has the best pair-up & chemistry with Matsu Takako. Hope he makes more great series and movies. Wish that he'd be paired-up with Matsu Takako again.
13. donna8157
Kimura Takuya has proven time and time again that he can pull off any role that is thrown to him. From being a laid back hairdresser in "Beautiful Life" to a dream driven co-pilot in "Good Luck!" to an angst ridden character in "Sleeping Forest", Kimura has pulled off each character convincingly and effectively.

I've thoroughly enjoyed each and every series that he has been in. Sigh. I love him. His teary scenes make me cry.
14. Sumire
Takuya Kimura.......what else can be said....just look into his dazzling eyes and he will capture u into his web and then you'll wanna see every jdorama he's ever been in!! XD
On a serious note though, I like his acting. I love his character in Beautiful life and how he just hits walls and does that sniffle thing, its so cute. He plays the perfect bad-boy on the outside but softy on the inside character. Love him! <3<3<3
15. oorono
This man is an excellent actor - charismatic, sincere and natural in his emotions. He doesn't act on screen, but lives. But somehow he manages to make all his characters feel different - everyone has individuality. Having strong natural talent, Kimura never stops to develop his acting skills. Also he is versatile actor - he does not afraid of new challenges. Kimura is simply the best j-dorama actor I've seen so far.
16. ilovetakuya
I love Takuya. I especially love his eyes and his attitude..I have great expectations for him, and I hope he challenges himself even more later on. He's still young, and though he's at the top, he still has potential to be more than what he is now. Although I like him in SMAP X SMAP and in concerts as well, I like him best in dramas, and I consider him as an actor. Hope to see his acting ability improve.
17. shanghai_honey
THE KING of Jdoramas! Takuya Kimura is a living icon; he made Long Vacation which was the first dorama I saw and was hooked on. It's amazing how he comes out with a constant string of hit doramas -- Long Vacation, Good Luck, Pride, Hero, Karei Naru Ichizoku to name a few, are some of my favorites. And the man keeps going strong. He will always be my most favorite Japanese actor. Love him!
18. kook05
must admit that what attracted me to him was his looks...
but as i watched more and more of his shows, he proves to be more than just a pretty face!
dis guy got talent oozing out his pores!!!! ;p he adds intensity and dimensions to the characters he potrayed...
actually prefer him in his darker roles (Nemureru Mori, Wakamono no subete, SFIH) rather than as a romantic hero...
19. zephyrscarlet
WHO CAN RESIST HIS CHARM???? i certainly can't! he is incredibly handsome, absolutely charming and VERY SEXY! his voice may sound irritating at times, he can get quite hot-tempered, he is kinda short, he is married.... oh i try to find so many reasons to get over him - BUT I SIMPLY CAN'T. he's so irresistable, too good to be true. hottest guy in asia, probably in the world!!!
20. MissMonika
What is there to say about Kimutaku?? There's no doubt about it, he's the best!! He's gorgeous, can sing, and is a marvelous actor. Unbeatable combination. He's so good!! It's like everything he touches turns to gold. It's really amazing. If you do not vote for this man, you are either braindead or don't have good taste in actors. I'll watch any drama that has him in it.
21. Leyy
first series i've watched is pride..well, aside from his oozing sex appeal onscreen...his acting is so intense and every new series or character he portrays never ceases to leave a lasting mark....for all the performances i've seen ( i've seen 6 so far) he never ceases to amaze me and leave me open-mouthed whenever the character gets to me....he's the best for me....
22. londondolly
To say Kimura's amazing in an understatement. There is something about him that simply mesmerizes you, be it his acting, dancing or singing. You smile to yourself when you see him on the screen, you replay your favourite scenes with him in it over and over again, you source the net searching for his latest news.. you are hooked.. that's the power of Kimura Takuya!
23. tetsukei
Didn't like him very much at first during his Long Vacation days, but recently started to have great respect for his devotion to his art. He does simply ANYTHING for the silver screen, regardless of his supposedly superstar status. He picks up new skills quickly, which is definitely a sign of dilligence. Yes, he is the best, and wants to be the best!
24. Shindou
After LG and LV, I can understand why Kimura Takuya is the king of jdoramas. With excellent acting in LV, LG, BL and Concerto as well as Good Luck!! and Hero to his credit, KimuTaku is one talented actor. While his acting may sometimes feel the same across different dramas, he's definitely got the charm and skill to pull off the roles handily.
25. Lucian Dureau
What to say about the King Midas of doramas. From last 90's to early 2000, everything touched by him turned into gold. He has the leading role in shows that even nowadays were still on the top of tv ratings records, like Hero, Beautiful Life, Long Vacation or Love Generation. Impossible being a fan of doramas and not knowing this actor
26. hirowei87
Kimura Takuya is my dream guy since I was small haha... He has an unexplainable attractiveness.. I have watched all of his shows and I like all of them except Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi.(that is really untolerable)... I am so envious of his wife... But his courage to marry his love makes me like him more...He's so cool!!!
27. Jewel
A rare and successful artist whom can act, sing and host. Takuya has sure crowned the most popular male artist for many years, and this has definitely proven to us that he is the one who is good-looking and full of talents too..

Been looking forward for him to be seen on the big screens.. gambette ne takuya-san.. !
28. tsubasa_ash
I've only watched a few of his Jdoramas...man, it would be quite an effort to watch every single one of his dramas...xD Kimura Takuya is just great in every role he plays....I think he is probably one of the best multi-entertainers in Japanese entertainment industry^^ (Apparantly the whole SMAP IS multi-talented)
29. aznpride26
yes yes hes probably one of the greatest actors ever!
at his best in every one of his dramas! GREAT! loved him in LONG VACATION, PRIDE, ENGINE, HERO, and GOOD LUCK! i love this guy. oh and hes one of the best singers ever. great as the cool guy in every one of his dramas. sooooo awesome.
30. jpride
He is very good! I think his acting has become better since his early dramas, which means that he is evolving as an actor. Also, even though I like all of his dramas, I noticed that through the latest ones he has proved that he can very successfully act in different and very serious roles as well. Way to go!
31. esc507
Very fresh...very cool.
He has an indescribable aura that draws me to watch his dramas.
Definitely one of the better actors...even though the characters he plays are all similar in some way.
Anyway, it's better to master a character rather than play it awfully.
His hair is always cool..haha.
32. jdfan
He looks comfortable with any role....just look at his dorama list! He got great range and not that many Japanese actors could be so flexible. From good guy to bad guy roles, he is quite convincing. He might not be the best looking actor out there, but he always show up in top rated doramas.
33. monmon
at first i confuse why so many people like him.. because truthfully i wasnt attract by him in Long Vacation.
and i try to watch his other drama like Good Luck!!, Hero, and Pride.
now i become a fans of him! he is a hottie and he sure can act! I especially like him in Good Luck and Hero!! :D
34. Luthiel no Edge
Incredible. His range of acting, his charisma on screen, his choice of roles (Karei Naru Ichizoku, something not for everyone, yet it topped everything!), everything in him is top-notch. Flawless performances from him, especially in Beautiful Life. Young TV actors should take example on him.
35. Longman
I’m lying if I say I hate Kimura... he’s so charismatic that there can only be jealousy and no hatred. Judging from the few unorthodox roles that he has played on screen, there are no qualms that he's a good actor as well. There's simply no way that this shinning star will fade away soon.
36. kchibi
KimuTaku...my my my....he's soooooo good-looking!! even though he's not the young gorgeous guy that was in beautiful life, long vacation, love generation etc...but his acting is still so good!! i especially loved him in pride, good luck and beautiful life! i cant wait to see him in Engine!
37. MiSsY^cRaCkErZ
He's sooooooooooo coooooooooollllllll!!!!!!!!!!!! kimutaku is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's really good in PRIDE, LONG VACATION, BEAUTIFUL LIFE, ETC!!! i really like him!!! all his dorama is really good!!!! good acting n also handsome.. ^^ n when he smiles.. soooo cute.. hueheuehe.. ^^
38. Tu_triky
What's there to say? This guy is the king of Japanese doramas. As others have pointed out, his string of amazingly popular doramas is probably unsurpassed by any other Japanese actor or actress. The man has "staying power" and he's proved it over and over again with his range and skill.
39. SquallAdv
Such a fantastic character on -for me- his greatest dorama Engine, also incredible in Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi, Long Vacation, Pride and more... Plus just recently discovered he's a super otaku of One Piece manga/anime, what can I say? He's my new nakama now!! 出発だ!!ヽ(`0´)ノ
40. stararies17
multi talented person. very natural in his acting and humourous. never potrays himself as another type of person. very open, honest n straightforward, has own style, suave, a bit cool. very friendly too. never fails to deliver good acting, smile n feelings of a character. born actor? ;)
41. crimsonRED
most awesome japanese actor i've seen!!! he got me to watching japanese dorama. he's been in the business for quite sometime now but nobody can seem to beat him - he IS the icon of all icons! new actors have emerged but he is the rating drama king of all time! so sexy and hot as well!
42. yuko^
who else? this guy is simply great, wonderful and amazing, the records esp. drama ratings he had broken, his looks, his character and everything, is every a girl can ever want in a guy...his acting, singing, dancing and everything else makes him the special and only KIMURA TAKUYA
43. ScrappedShinigami
Before wathching Good Luck, I'd heard of him but not seen him in anything.
He totally won me over with his performance, he's a very likable and charismatic actor.
His best performance so far for me was in Karei-Naru Ichizoku, he proved what a fantastic actor he is in that show!
44. kassytakuya
This guy is my most lovable artist. I am willing to watch any of his dorama whether its good or bad. Whether with or without subtitle :P
All his act is very natural and superb, he can sing too, guitar, dance, funny, cute, good looking, charming, handsome, etc. A complete actor.
45. chyra
the drama king, the phenomenen, the legend, everybody had been saying it's his end, but he proved to everybody that he is more than juz an idol, he is a legend, a phenomenen, a star dat will keep on shining, a wonderful actor with great charisma, looks and talent. HE RAWK!
46. Organized Chaos
As Kimura Takuya plays a leading role in one of the most popular doramas out there, Long Vacation as Sena Hidetoshi, you come to realize that theres a reason why he plays one of the most memorable characters out there. He is definitely one of my favorite japanese actors.
47. for3vergirl
A great actor, definitely none out there like him. He could play an innocent guy to a very dark role that he played in "Million stars ...". I think he is one of the great actors who didn't use his look, but pretty much of his acting and most of his dramas are praised.
48. shiosai
Undoubtedly the best and well-respected actor and entertainer. Great acting and posess a great screen presence. Though some say he plays similar characters in many of his dramas, he still portrays them beautifully and each in different manner. Definitely the X-factor!
49. Shani
I know everyone loves him cause he's sexy and hot and cool (and he's all of these things), but he's also a really really good actor. He brings a realism to all of his roles that I just love. He has this raw, honest way in his acting that makes him one of my faves.
50. kyunspark
I watch his earlier works, White Book of Love and Long Vacation a long time ago. I was skeptical about his acting, I thought he's just another Johnny boy wih s so acting. Then I watched Change and turns out he is worth to be the number ne in every acting list....!
51. Angel2001
The most outstanding artist and performer in East Asia in the present generation. Stunning looks; multi-talents and years of hard work all added together. Very exceptional. So much charisma and charm that your eyes just follow no one else but him on the screen!
52. viOLet harukO
he is sO taLented!!dance...aCting...sinGing...hosting...you name it, he has it...! =) tO me, he's tHe most daShing gUy On eartH!! he exceLs in everything he dOes~* every roLe he pLays cOmes aLive!! nothing is able to daunt him~* and he is so cUte and humOrous...
53. eml132
When you think of an actor who just plays every role he's in brilliantly, this name is on the top of the list. Just look at his resume, Long Vacation, Beautiful Life, Love Generation, Hero ... The List goes on and on, one of the best Japanese actors of all time.
54. Sleepingstar
while he is really Charismatic and good looking, which is why girls love him, he can act really well too. Obviously he has done many kinda similar roles, but that really doesn't make his acting ability worse, since he has done well in different kinda roles too.
55. Juppi
love generation was my first drama, and that's still my favorite!
he's really amazing, and charming... he's my favorite actor!!
i haven't seen all his drama yet, but he did very well in love gene (of course^^), engine...

LOVE HIM!!! kimutaku daisuki!!!
56. Midori-Yagami
cause he is so handsome, cool, great actor, awesome singer and much more reasons I can't tell because words are not enough for him!!
his dramas are really cool, I love the way he acts, the way he talks, he sings, everything about him!! Kimutaku rules!!!!!!!
57. Renee
the best actor in Jpan I think...this actor even thogh kind of senpai in dorama but never makes bored people with the variety of the cahracter that he brought......always have charisma and always makes people fall for him....all his dorama is a must to watch
58. icebaby028
A lot of people don't like him because he's supposedly the most popular guy in Japan but I think he's really a very very good actor aside from being just good looking. I especially loved him in Pride, he was so believable. Everytime he cried...i bawled!!!!
59. Ichigo_
He is my favorite actor so cuteeee and good actor too for sure! Also he sing in a band named SMAP they are very good but the best is for sure KimuTaku! =) He is so beautiful when is smile and make that very cute face when is shy ! ! Go ! Kimura Takuya!
60. katrinka
Kimura's acting talent really shines in his non-romantic roles. I just love Million Stars and Sleeping Forest. He is so good at playing characters that aren't all good. Also, he is great on SMAPXSMAP. His sketches and his cooking are always wonderful!
61. Aunt_Jemima
Pure TALENT. if you havent watched pride yet, drop everything and watch it right now! ahah ;]
He is charming, handsome, and an EXCELLENT actor.
he is the total package, and that's why he's
ranked on here as number 1!
yaay! goo Kimura Takuya! ^__^
62. daphne01
My all-time favourite! I liked him sinced 'Beautiful Life' and from there, I'm stuck on him. His acting has always been good, almost flawless and who can resist his oh-so-handsome and cute face, especially when he is in his pilot uniform, so smart!
63. beryl_28
He is talented,can sing really well, good-looking,smart,has a great personality! His acting is really superb and he is very real.... he can bring out the character he is acting really well while still keeping his own charisma! U name it! He has it!
64. warren.mcclendon
Im not a great fan of Takuya. But you have to give him his due for being in a ton of dramas, with all types of plots. He always is matched with very very good actresses in his dramas, so a lot of the dramas are considered to be instant classics.
65. elyse
I didn't quite understand why his drama ratings are always over 30%, until I saw him act. No wonder why he has so many fans. I'm not a fan, but I really like his acting. I like him off screen, too, he's funny & goofy, yet still so charismatic.
66. trash
hated him at first, but found him to be realli good in acting, although always act in similar style or role. his performance in love generation was a real breakthrough. vulnerable, hatable, yet in all too attractive to make u hate him man. shit!
67. yuichan
WOW!! that's how i can describe about Takuya. He is a very outstanding actor. His drama is always great and his acting is a super! He can act in any different role. He is a multiple talented person. Don't forget about his good looking too ^o^v.
68. junn_tk
why not?? he is such a handsome guy who can act so well. all his shows are so well done. he is one of the few celebs than can age with looking older. and though he is skinny, he still has such a muscular body! loves him. that's my bottom line!
69. hina-sama
really love his good-looking face! true that he has great skill and talented. But i hope to see him in other characters than the usual one he takes (always the rebelious one with a bad temper but a really warm heart acting like "i-don't-care")
70. KT_Star
He's truly an amazing actor who does not just act the role, but simply lives the character's soul. He made people sucked into his dramas and inspired millions of people through his acting. Kimura Takuya is genuinely "the Pride of Japan."
71. tklover
not overly good looking but there's just something about him. kawaii without being feminine, kakkoii without being arrogant, and romantic without being overly sappy. good actor as well, love almost all of his dramas and would rewatch them : )
72. __embryoBxTCH
What can I say? He just OWNS in all of his J-Doramas. It may be true that I have only viewed Beautiful Life and some parts of Pride, but he is clearly gifted and warms a part of me whenever I see him in the midst of acting. Takuya-4-Life!
73. horiesan
Not only can he sing and dance but he is so underrated as an actor/comedian. His hilarious imitation of Cyril Takayama deserves an award http://japansugoi.com/wordpress/hilarious-kimutaku-of-smap-as-magician-zero-parody-of-cyril-takayama/
74. KAZdoramma
His constant ability to produce brilliant performances despite having to play very different rolesin dorama such as CHANGE, PRIDE, ENGINE, MR.BRAIN, etc....his acting ability also has the ability to bring out the best out of his co-actors.
75. Ladd
Love him very much when portraying Senna Hidetoshi in LONG VACATION especially when playing Hinata Rhapsody Number 1 Opus 38 which is dedicated to Minami Hayama so sweet and touchy ... by the way does Kimu-Taku play PIANO himself ... ???
76. tk_iva
Takuya kimura is my all time fav!!!!! what can i say....I just love him!!!!everything about him!!!! he is too good to be true!!! takuya is what i call a superstar. looking forward for his, and smap new projects.... gabatte Takuya kun!!!
77. hidelirium
He's a great actor. His performances in "Pride" or in "A million stars falling from the sky" are the proof of his talent. His beauty and his look are amaizing, with his celeb "Daijobu?". The Kimura's filmography are also very impressive.
78. kimurababe
whether he's cutting hair, playing the piano or winning cases as an unconventional public prosecutor, takuya kimura morphs into his roles without totally losing the attitude and charm that makes him and his characters oh-so-loveable!
79. Larc
Oh well... even from a guys' point of view, we say that he is good looking. I'm not ashamed (nor gay) to admit that. But he also has a great natural acting talent. And also is in a major singing group (SMAP) and a good singer.
80. megumi s.
i was skeptical at first since he is overwhelmingly popular, but if you see him act in Long Vacation, Hero, Pride, and others, his acting and looks definitely speak for themselves! he really deserves the title of "drama king"
81. orenji
He can almost act out any kind of character. Dark kinds("sleeping forest" and "sorakara") romantic kinds("Asunaro", "Beautiful Life") etc... He's a great actor and his current dorama "Pride" is a good one as well! Saiko! ^_^
82. ashley
From Long Vacation to Engine, Takuya Kimura has been in some of the best dramas I've seen. The only Japanese star whose dramas I buy regardless of the storyline because I can always be assured of a good performance from him.
83. DragonSpirit164
Very good in Long Vacation and Beautiful Life. He can portray very subtle emotions extremely well. A very versatile actor as well, with roles such as hairdresser, pianist, pilot, sales manager etc etc.. all acted very well.
84. Sailorprinzess
Kimura Takuya. Sure he is very good looking, and a decent singer. However I think he is a really great actor. He may choose roles that are similar, but he still shines. I can't wait to see what he will do in the future.
85. aitri
Kimura is an awesome guy! He's extremely talented, starring in doramas that easily reach the top of my favorites easily due to how well he acts every one of his roles. Not to mention that he's a pretty handsome guy ^
86. Grenat
How to say it ? i have seen all the dramas he casted in and i all love it . He has that power to make theses drama enjoyable . Plus he is so beautifuuuul . I would like to have a man like him so cute at 35 years old .
87. matsu_takeiko
He definitely tries to capture the feeling of his characters, he makes it really personal. I was deeply moved at how devoted he was to Ryoko in Long Vacation because I saw a different side of him in other dramas...
88. extravale
long vacation. pride.
the next will be love generation. can't explain what incredible power he has on me (and, oh well, on a 1000000000 of other girls out there XD). droolworty, melancholic, lovable, charismatic.
89. meowxxmix
Sugoiiiii <3 He's one of the BEST actors in jdrama today. He has such great talent! He can play almost any kind of role with such depth, it's no wonder he's so popular. Not to mention, he's sexy as all get out ^^;
90. kazuko-chan
Everybody who love JDorama, should know him! Yes, Kimura Takuya. The Japanese actor who have much talent, like acting, singing, sport, etc. I think everyone is agree if he call by "The King of Japanese Dorama"
91. haydenz
he's marvellous,talented,kakkoi and much more!!i think no one can compete with him until he retire from acting.almost all of his drama become the greatest of the year.hmm..what can i say bout him?kimutaku rulez.
92. bigfire
I was shocked that I didn't have him on my list, so making amends now! Kimura Takuya's acting is world class! Everything that his touches turns into an inspired moment. His acting makes me hope to better myself.
93. johuth
I loved long Vaction among other things that he has been in I haven't seen him in a bad drama yet. He is the most gifted actor in Jdrama that is what I think. Does a bad Takuya drama exist? I haven seen one!
94. meiohsetsuna
I will watch any drama that has Kimura Takuya in it. Several of his drama's that I watched had no substance in the plot, but he could hold the whole show without a plot at all! That's how good his acting is.
95. maidori
i used to wonder what's the hype about this actor...after watching change, hero and karei naru ichizoku, i am now one of the many who thinks he is a great actor...looking forward to watching his other dramas
96. ester_grace
Complete entertainer and charismatic, that is how I describe him.. He can sing, act, dance, play instruments, etc. Actually I didn't like his acting in pride and karei naru, not bad but just didn't like it.
97. Coolsmurf
he just looks intended for any role he is in, looks like playing a role in his real life. might be similar in his acting style for most dramas but he is good at it nevertheless. the icon of japanese drama.
98. ryoko293
THIS IS THE MAN, TAKUYA kun! was there ever a time he was called chan? I don't think so ... he is so manly and handsome, great actor, singer, preformer ... and the list goes on and on!
My ikeman~! *woot*
99. darc_blade
Every guy will admit, hands down, KimuTaku is the epitome of guy. He doesn't play the sensitive, suave or smooth talker. But rather the epitome of cool and macho without the "bad boy". Simply incredible.
100. Higashi
He's good, he just IS good. Damn good. Didn't understand it in the beginning why he is so popular, but now after seeing him in SMAPxSMAP and doramas... I guess I do understand it after all *laughs*
101. takuya_angel
He have the whole package. He can ACT, sing, dance, play the guitar, host, model etc etc. The lists are never-ending. This guy is just so talented and i must say-- his good looks is just a bonus!
102. orange1806
Not just a pretty face as some of his detractors might say. Very charismatic actor. He's very versatile too, bringing out the character of every role he plays very well. He's really cute of cos..
103. imalone
He will forever be my Ichiban! =D I love his acting & singing. I think his husky-ish voice makes him more appealing when he acts & his expressions are flawless. Same goes for his singing.
104. riyana_rythe
what to say ne?the only senpai that i love for 6 years...the senpai that takki love best...and the only otoko that seems to love you with all his heart...-takki excluded coz he's tsubasa's ne...
105. littlemissfab
Need I say more? I am really surprised to find out that I haven't voted for him yet. He has this charm that entrances everybody, man or woman, boy or girl, old or young.. It's really remarkable.
106. chesed
He's in a ton of dramas that I happened to enjoy and the range of characters he has played are far and wide. I think one of his best roles was in Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi. Great actor.
107. arashilove
Undoubtedly Japan's best actor, he is truly a multi-talented person who is the most successful at what he does. I liked him in "Beautiful Life" and "Good Luck!!", as well as "Long Vacation".
108. lunasan
I like much this actor. I discovered him in Long vacation. It's a good et beautiful actor. He got touched me in beautiful life and made me laugh in Pride. Sorry my english is not correct
109. galliano
He's THE ONLY reason why i still watch J-dramas.....i have never failed to watch every drama/movie he acted in.....

He's THE actor with luck & charisma in Japan...no one else.....
110. Carn
Ahhhh!! I used to think he was overrated because it seemed like he was the same in every drama, but after watching Good Luck!!, my esteem for him went up. I think he's a great actor. ^^
111. Gork
love kimura! he's such a great actor and i've loved every drama i've seen of him!! especially pride, good luck, CHANGE and the newest one, mr. brain!! haha can't get enough of him!! ^_^
112. michiru3
he seems to always act the same, but somehow, it always works. watching him in Good Luck & Pride right now and he's great in both. Especially Pride, my favorite role for him thus far
113. makimura_RAn
Kimutaku will always be a great and brilliant actor. He is a multi talented actor. His performances in every dorama was great. He has "something special" that other actor doesn't have.
114. Q-chan
THE BIGGEST ACTOR IN JAPAN!!! Very handsome... Cutest SMAP member of all time. Love him in Beautiful Life and Pride... The sexiest actor in Japan. No more to say but HE'S THE BEST!!!
115. jrockreien
His acting is superb!! He can play just about any role out there and it isn't just boring acting... he obviously knows how to incorparate his own personality into the roles he plays.
116. akane_MYV
My absolutely favourite numer one!!! Like his look, like his voice, like his acting...loving him ^o^ He is so cute, his acting skills are awesome! Every series of him is delicious^^
117. lim_li
Everyone love him...but me...of course I do....but sometimes..he doesn't seem like handsome guy...but that's ok!!!Still good,that's why..his name is Takuya Kimura the best hero!!
118. madsky
Aaah, Kimura gets my vote. He was in my first J-drama that got me hooked instantly, Pride. He was excellent in that and he plays all his roles well. He's also good looking! Hehe.
119. Kris
A talented actor with a built and features that can fixed in nicely in all roles. My favourite dramas of his are Long Vacation and Good Luck! He definitely can act really well!
120. hareluya BOY
Great acting. Versatile actor who has shown his skills through countless superb performances. Also must add that I think he has the best singing voice out of the SMAP members.
121. celest8787
a very versatile and experienced actor who's charming and talented! he's already an international superstar and has impressed audience from many countries all over the world!
122. myarrow
huhu..... he is my fav actor !!!
if u dont believe it check out my fiendster !!!

all the best to you takuya kimura !!!!!!!!
he is so talented and so dynamic person ~~~
123. Bruno
This guy is amazing. He LIVES him paper. It's, from far, the best japanese actor a have ever seem. And, doramas with him, it always, good, great or EXCELENT. My favorite o/
124. orangepanda
really really good actor...he's so cool in every character he plays n is really convincin in his roles from a hairdresser in beautiful life to a racer in engine... kakkoi!
125. effronterie
Loved him in Long Vacation. He didn't disappoint in Beautiful Life either :) I have several of his other shows next in line, and I can't wait. I wanna marry him :D HEEH!
126. Lee-chan
In truth I'm not too crazy about him, but Kimura is a legend. I'll be damned if Matsumoto or Yamashita end up being the most popular guy on the site, so here's my vote.
127. arwenna
Would like to see him in better doramas. Enjoyed watching his doramas very much. Some were brilliant and some were mediocre but his presence enhanced the show a little.
128. VanessaAyukawa
My #1 in the dorama world. After almost 9 year's of watching his work; he has never let me down! I look eager to the future and hope that he gets more and more popular!
129. uchi23
had heard a lot about his actin.. everythin i heard was true and mayb didnt even do justice.. defenetely a great actor.. look forward to watchin more dramas with him =]
130. t1n9
gorgeous charming man! gets better even as he grows older. cute as p-chan, shy but charming as sena, eccentric being kuryu n totally hentai as teppei. still i love him!
131. -naOmi-
A pair of eyes that speaks of warmth & love... I'm so mesmerized by his acting, singing, dancing, his talent at sports & at playin musical instruments etc..
132. bearz
the best actor ever have, act like in a real person in real world, even so serius but still can attract the people. always couple with the best and cute actress...
133. capricious
I grew to like him more and more in the variety of roles he could act in. Be it the dark and sinister character or boyish good looks. He carries it off very well.
134. Wesu
I held off my vote for Kimutaku for so long, but after watching more and more of his dramas, it would be an injustice for me not to vote for him. He has no equal.
135. kumukurukuk
Very talented actor, I first saw him in long vacation and his subtle gestures are soo cute, he's a natural actor. he's handsome, can act and sing, very talented.
136. sieusaominhngoc
He is amazingly charming, handsome, cooollll!!!! My heart was almost jumped out when I saw his eyes and when he smiled {^o^} I love him!!!! Especially his eyes!
137. Signo
until now, i know he was a: pianist, hairdresser, racer, iceman, pilot, manager and scientist. i'm really exciting what else kimura could be in the future ;-)
138. Doramafan113
Very talented. Terrific in Long Vacation, Good Luck, Pride, Hero... The list just keeps on going. You can always count on a solid acting performance from him.
139. Rena
The most versatile and never disappoints. The catalyst for my love of Japanese food, culture, dramas & songs. Surely #1 coz I must be the oldest fan around.
140. Karupin
So great in each drama he plays. And he's just too good locking, what can we ask more? Forever the best and the coolier!!! Can't wait to see his next drama.
141. karen69
I like him since 'Love Generation'~~~ I watch most of his drama and admire him. He has fashion sense and seems he is a good husband, dad, actor and singer.
142. greenwing
Kimura Takuya is a fantastic actor. I've yet to see give anything less than a decently good performance - something that is rare for any actor or actress.
143. Genma
Its phenomenal. Almost every one of his dramas have been greatest hits of the year. Will his unsurpassed popularity maintain as age catches up with him?
144. fybabe
What can I say? He's everyone's baby. He's the first Japanese guy/actor that made me interested to know more Japanese guys/culture/dramas/movies, etc...
145. sayurikurata
I first start liking him from Hero. He's so kakkoi!! ^^
And I love how he is in Love Generation!! I think him and Matsu Takako make a good pair, hehe
146. tAz
any sane human being would love takuya. he is sexy, hot talented, fantastic, incredible and thus he just simply rawks! i love takuya lots lots lots :)
147. ginger ale
Versatile actor. Love his voice, his kissable lips and sexy walk. Mr. sex appeal. No wonder he is king of jdorama. Love him in Good Luck!! and Engine.
148. tiktok
I loooveee him. I've seen like every drama he's ever been in. He's a really good actor and woah was he hot back in the day. not that he's not hot now.
149. kariuki
Definitely one of the most talented actors I've seen,he very easy to like and his acting seems very natural,he doesn't try too hard like other actors.
150. princess
Quite obvious, huh?
He is totally amazing in acting and a total hottie.
I loved most of the dramas that he acted in ( especially in GOOD LUCK..lol)
151. fifimimi
He is literally the king in japan..what is he not good and famous for? Everything he does is a success and he is almost like a breed of perfection!
152. arleneong912
the best.....I first fell in love with him in the drama PRIDE, cried a bucketfull...then love him in Mr. Brain....now it's Tsuki no koibito.........
153. z3juk
i love him!!! fell in love with him since watching good luck!! Since then, i really wanna watch all of his movies!! he is the best!!! love him!!!!!
154. QQ
GREAT ARTIST!!!!! Why? U can see how many Dorama he already played and... U can see the rating of each Dorama! Ganbatte ne Taku san! ^_^ LOVE U....
155. Mujer
MY FAVORITE japanese actor!!! Ever since Long Vacation I've never stopped loving him. A great actor. A great talent. A great man! I love him.
156. Jakofan
I watched many of his dramas and movies and he always surprises me with his acting, I think he is a very versatile actor. I also like his smile =)
157. tommy
wow, good performance act too Mr. Prime minister in CHANGE dramas. you give me some inspiration !!success in career & life. arigato gozaimasu.
158. JudithShakespeare
Just tried Moon Lovers, and loved him!! Apparently he is even more exciting when he's younger ...lol. I think I'll be doing Long Vacation next :D
159. kirei_lanford
this guy is pure perfect. I ve watched 6 of his dramas and they're all great!! in engine kimu taku plays adifferent role i've never thought of...
160. fre3domli
MOST PERFECT GUY ON EARTH!! who could resist those pair of eyes, his smile, his voice n most importantly his CHARM!! he will always be my NO.1 =]
161. jondy78
Not a big fan of boyband or prettyboys... but, his performance as Senna in Long Vacation, along with Tomoko Yamaguchi, made that jdorama my fav.
162. shirllx
i feel that he has good acting skills....He can make a fictional character come alive...his shows are also very intersting and worth to watch...
163. aznkether
He is a legend in Japanese Drama undoubtedly. He can play any role and play it brilliantly. I can't say enough of how much I enjoy his acting.
164. ren1999
Yeah, but this guy is in SMAP a boy band. But this guy was voted the hotest guy in Japan. I want to be just like him. He's a pretty good actor.
165. hikarisennin
His charisma and acting presence has no parallel; I can't think of a similar American actor. He just exudes "coolness" in every role he takes.
166. jindo
From well known character as "Sena-kun" from the 90's to a latest character as "Musashi" KimuTaku-san is a one Bad@$$ actor of all times.
167. db9paka
My ultimate favourite artiste. Good actor, good model, good singer (at least to my ears), good husband and father. What more can you ask for??
168. fahsum
one excellent actor who is seriously good at acting. i was watching NGs of 'Good Luck!!' and he didn't have even ONE NG in there. wow, sukoi!!
169. xilin
I've seen some of his series and i keep wanting to see more. He's a very good actor with bonus goodlooks and killer smile! I love Takuya-kun!
170. lady_arwen
he's good in acting.i suddenly fall in love with him when i watch GOOd LUCK and HERo.i can't wait to buy Pride when it release in malaysia!!
171. syahirah
he is the most talented actor...he can be serious and funny too...beside,he is so cool and his acting always make his drama come to live...
172. sawadasmile
he should forever and ever remain #1 because he is the most charismatic, charming, and versatile actor i've EVER SEEN. he is the best!! <3
173. ffrostte
I don't think many people could resist him. He is such a handsome and charming guy, with so much charisma. And of course, he acts well too.
174. pinky
He's handsome and has his own character, in SMAP band i Appreciate him the most. He has good acting talent and has good sense of dressing.
175. silent-hat-trick
believe the hype! This guy is an outstanding actor. born to be an entertainer, hes the entertainer all other entertainers should look to.
176. toHeart_music
He's has got that charm...I like him especially in 'Hero'..a very versatile and convincing actor..brings that X-factor to his dramas..
177. koiichef
10/10 He is very cool and is a good actor. All of the dramas I have watched with him are really great. He adds life to the characters.
178. ninjavsself
He doesn't really act as much as he just plays himself. That means he's pretty damn likable and I can't fault a man for being likable.
179. zj2tk
its not something that words can express..but if i juz have to describe him using one word it would be that he's just simply PERFECT!!
180. ridzz
The main reason i started to watch JDoramas in the first place.. It started out with Long Vacation and i still find him a good actor.
181. doublemask
Absolutely LOVE all his dramas! He's able to bring his character to life. Versatile actor and is able to play any role given to him.
182. rina_rina
BEST singer in a japanese boyband..
BEST tv series actor..
BEST big screen actor..
Number one in my most wanted japanese actor!
183. SYILA78
184. yami
Japan's sexiest man! XD or so they at least say! Ohh but of course he's sexy. and cute. and funny. and a good actor! yay for him!
185. fre3domlin
im so in love with him..his skills, looks, charisma..everthing about him is so perfect n excellent..
He will always be my no.1=]
186. manutunia
every role that he play will remember forever. every drama that he act is successfull...he the guy that every women dreamt about
187. hikkie
my Ichiban..I love him so muchhhh..^0^..good acting,good singer,good dancing,..bla bla good in everything...one word KAKKOI...!!
188. mmyy
KimuTaku is powerfully charismatic and attention-grabbing on screen. They don't call him the GOD of J-entertainment for nothing.
189. iwan
Absolutely King of dorama!!! briliant acting! cute face! the best dorama actor ever born! love every part of his role in dorama.
190. kaitosan20
his such a goood actor no wonder his number 1 on jdorama top 50. beautiful life was so good and he was such a good actor in it.
191. yanaliao
Just because he is THE Kimura Takuya!
Everything about him is just subarashi!
He's a genius, multi-talented, charismatic guy~
192. doramaddict
He's a dynamic actor who can carry out many different roles well; also very good looking I must say which is always good haha.
193. cookielmy
He's the cutest japanese guy i've ever seen! He's the only japanese actor i really love!.. i falled so deep in love with him..
194. tInoltin
he's the best actor i've ever known... can play any characters....from a nice-innocent guy...to a very mean guy... well done~!
195. ayano
All time favourite actor by everyone. He's really handsome. No one can resist his charm ! He's just as FANTASTIC and AMAZING !
196. Akikochan
He is such a great actor ! He acts with such realism that he can play a super shy character as well as a lively character ! !
197. SayaOtonashi
What can I say that hasn't been said before. He's one of the best artists (good singing, good acting, good looking) of Japan.
198. silchan
Watashi no ichiban sukina idoru! A cho kakkoi actor, many times under-rated but who cares. He's the king of drama, neeee! ^o^
199. KS17
A real star, super big in Japan for many years and still is. Very telented and a cool guy. Always enjoy watching his dramas.
200. areins7
do need to elaborate on this?people should know about it already..of course because he is a very sugoi actors n singers!!!
201. Azn_Rayver
Best JDorama actor I have ever seen. Makes Japanese drama seem like God compared to North American drama. Love his stuff.
202. gymahz
This is Japanese Heart throb for ever. I wished to meet someone who look like him to be my boyfriend.... any volunteer???
203. kaikochan
His success is just. . .WOW. But this guy has all, it's no wonder he's starting to become an international star as well!
204. dummyuser11
Who can't help but liking him? He's a great actor and a wonderful singer! I'm sure he makes a great father as well...:)
205. enderschaos
His character's are always my favorite male leads. He does a great job acting and really makes you like the character.
206. oluap
A really good actor, he plays the male lead role to many great dramas and in all of them I think he did an amazing job.
207. laramatsu
I know him best for his acting, his singing later. The first drama that I saw of him was Gift. A really great actor :D
208. momoxjelly
Hes one of the best actors out there he can act sing dance there's nothing this guy cant do plus hes got the looks too
209. thereds
i like kimutaku from long vacation.. and now i still hunting kimutaku dorama because i like to watch kimutaku dorama.
210. lynn minmei
for me i think takuya is the best male japanese actor there is. Almost all of his dramas are in the top of the list.
211. ribi
The undisputed king of Japanese doramas. He almost always manages to make each dorama character his own. Good actor.
212. k2_the_aoru
how can someone in his late 30s be THIS hot?? i just don't get it. haha.
he is such an awesome actor and singer...
213. endless_sorrow
He has everything! Good looks, great acting skills, sucessful singing career, and did i mention his good looks? :)
214. nunu
I like his acting skills! Always playing with a Cool, Handsome, Wonderful, Talented, Perfect guy! HE'S THE BEST!!!
215. KusMoG_X
Every drama I've seen starring this guy has been a hit for me! Unbelievable!
EASILY my fave Japanese drama actor.
216. nickpoliseno
Simply the most talented actor and performer in Japan. He's a great looking guy, but he's more than a pretty face.
217. kimjj33
Definitely a great actor!
Not only that he can sing, dance, and cook.
There is almost nothing that he can't do!!
218. NaomiMaeda
I only saw him in Tsuki no Koibito and Nankyoku Tairiku but that was enough to say that KimuTaku is a great actor.
219. PapaDeshio
Why? Why? Why? Kimutaku ...
Anyway, he's absolutely "some thing"
Keep entertaining us in different kind of way.
220. selphie086
Awesome actor and singer.He is a good leading man who often brings the roles he potrays to life.Good looking too.
221. Miyavi
I love him!!!
Good Singer, Actor and Hot what more could a girl want? Lucky wife of his
222. Quorthon
He sucks! Probably the worst actor ever. He destroyed such a good drama like "Good Luck!". Just can't bear him..
223. Simply
From Hero to Beautiful Life to Love Generation . . . Kimura Takuya is charismatic (and cute) in all his dramas.
224. luv4evaluv
best jap actor of all time...no one can surpass him!!! sing great act great look great!!! omg XD O MY TAKUYA!!
225. tmx1992
Started to get addicted to his shows after watching Good Luck!! which was the first time I've seen his dramas.
226. Ushiroyubi
The guy is simply an awesome leading man. There is no denying his talent and charisma in front of the camera.
227. Sang Hyuk-ryan
pride, engine, good luck, hero...what else?!..almost all the drama is a hit! because takuya is a great actor!
228. Quicksilver
In Beautiful Life, he acted so natural.. Like HE is Shuji. His personality matched his looks. He's so kawaii!
229. [a]-i-[r]-e-[n]
one of the most talented actor i've ever seen..
a very flexible actor..
+ cute and handsome too.. (*^ ^*)
230. Dreamchaser
His eyes caught me at first, but now I also love his acting. I like him in those "not-so-mr.-nice-guy"-roles
231. carie_akanishi
The most charismatic guy in Japan with great acting talent... He is the X factor that makes dorama shines!
232. kashigal
He's handsome,have the attitude.He's cool.Able to sing,dance and act.What more can i say?haha ...he's cool
233. sucigam
You just want to hate him cause he's so damn popular but he really is the one of the best at what he does.
234. robtok82
One of the coolest guys ever...All his dramas are great...So cool that he was able to drive a Toyota F3...
235. Angelwings
A real jack of all trades! This guy can play any role convincing enough. And I love most of his dramas.
236. -=momohachi=-
the looks..the voice..the talent..the personality..
Kimura Takuya is an all-around guy, the best for me!
237. red_autumn
Love his romantic roles best. He has proven time & again that he's the best. He'll always be my hero!
238. chibichan
my all time favorite japan guy. His acting was so great, with charming face, and sexy voice. Love him !!!
239. SabrinaOshio
Kimura is a GOOD actor because he Spontaneous person in every Drama he act for... I like him at that way
240. baen_86
good actor,cute,looks like kind(hehe)and...aa..a...cute and aa very cute....aa cute,that's all...arigato
241. miumiu_sky
Great actor.. like his doramas and his acting skills!! Handsome, cool, charming... hahha, just perfect!
242. dirtysweet
Takuya Kimura is LOVE (: He is the most fantabulous actor in the entire world, and I love him to death.
243. athida
He's the first Japanese actor to actually draw me into Japanese doramas. He's such an awesome actor!!!
244. Takumi_Fujihara
Hmm... About this guy, I think he's very COOL... No wonder he's the top ranking in this website... ^^
245. TakumaSan
great acter! no wonder hes #1 in the top 50
all the dramas hes in is amazing..
THAT'S a real actor!
246. Ayzee^^Aya
still charming n good looking as before .his smile is killing me ..FOREVER !great kisser also !*wink*
247. ssie
there's just this innocent but wicked charm in him that had girls falling hard at his feet lols ^^,
248. some_gurl
Love his movies!!! I think he is very very talented.. Not forgetting his good looks as well hehe=)
249. dirtypink
i just adoreeeeee him. super. i can't decide which of his dramas is my favorite.lol.love them all.
250. lisajayne
King of dramas with plenty of charisma and talent in playing roles that he defines in his own way.
251. Juhis
I like his style he wears cool clothes usually and he can drool anyone with his skills and looks.
252. nelo
i've only watched his 4 dramas and i can tell that he's a good actor in any type of genre dramas.
253. finexz MashiMaro
Is there is someone who is handsome, has a great acting and popular aomong girls, than it's him.
254. kokuou
255. aghi1004
He is the HOTTEST asian guy i've ever seen!! is there more to say??? ^^ Also he is a great actor
256. Aki
Almost everyone's favourite Japanese male actor, he is suave, cool and acts with his own style.
257. yanyan72
He is a great actor! I love his movies! Especially pride and good luck.He's juz so talented ^_^
258. Grapefruit
i enjoy his acting....he seems such a natural....all those expressions are just soooo gooood!!!
259. Nekobus
Lives up to the hype. Really good actor, undeniable charisma, and the ladies seem to like him.
260. ilengxw
Awesome actor. He can play a variety of roles and still manages to put on a show. thumbs up.
261. dira
kakkoi...what can i say...his perfomance getting better...!!all his drama is worth watching!!
262. cynee
he is the king! the king of dorama! looks... voice... acting... he has got it all! saikou~!!
263. Danji
Loved him in Beautiful Life, Good Luck!!, Hero, and Long Vacation. A++ Star, Takuya ROCKS!!
264. MonsterZero-65
There is a reason he is so popular. He can really act and knows the roles that fit him well.
265. bettebogart
Very good actor, nice variety of dramas on his resume, would like to see him in more movies.
266. jrenfuweix8956
though i am not a super fan of him, no one can deny his great acting skill and his charm....
267. blossomz
Great performances in all of his dramas. By far the best actor in Jdrama. King of Jdramas!!!
268. ppx040481
KAKKoii!!!!!!!i watched 'beautiful Life" and start liking him...powerful acting skills too.
269. addie
kimura takuya is kimura takuya!! what else can best describe one of japan's biggest star!!
270. Cherry Blossom
Can my words do justice to this man? I think not! All around talent, singer, actor, model.
271. kirakira
His acting never failed to move me. Kanpeki desu. Best Egao and kodomo no kokoro.......^_^
272. odhie
pride.. i saw him first in pride.. he's a little cute there.. hahaha.. i vote for him.. ^^
273. sahabat9
love to see his 'naughty' smile...who can deny his credibility in all his drama? hehehehe
274. TsuyoshiK
Kimura kun is my 2nd fav from Smap... His never die spirit is really worth looking up to.
275. aiyachan16
kimutaku~~what a cutie!! one bad boy all women wouldn't mind taming! hontouni KAKKO II!
276. phlargo
Perfectly awkward in Beautiful Life. He's consistently good and tends to steal the show.
277. kinoy
278. animetama
I'm a big fan of Kimura Takuya^^
Not only is he eye candy material but he can sure act!
279. rw11
He is the King of Jdorama. Enough said..no one can surpass his dominance in the jdorama.
280. shawnjuan
Top favourite male actor...All his shows are funny and entertaining...He acts well also.
281. yuka
Exudes cool vibes bearing an attitude with-a-capital-A!! He is definitely his own man.
282. Chrisse
i don't think i need to explain why i vote for him, he is the best, the number 1 actor.
283. iceuck
he's so suave.
he has an air of confidence and humility. he seems so sure of himself.
284. wanderingfish7
Reasons for voting him? He is just so cool. I think few people can resist his Charisma.
285. hika
He is a great actor, great man. The King of Japanese drama, the hero of his generation.
286. girl2bconfused
awesome actor! seems like he really gets into his roles. thats what makes him the best!
287. hellogirl1604
Even though he is 30++ something but he still look good. I like to see his CM Gatsby...
288. dummyuser16
Wow... this guy can do it all; sing, play music, act... what else? My favorite artist.
289. damsel
my favorite japanese actor! i love all his dorama especially love generation and hero!
290. kusaisaru
Best actor in Japanese dramas. Great range of characters and just plain fun to watch.
291. Ryo_San
My favorite Jdrama actor. He is just the man. Kimura Takuya Sugoi yo !!!!! Ichiban =)
292. acupracacia
I just love him in all his roles!!! especially in Hero!! ^___^ He looks so cute too!
293. Hide/Takky
This man here is a 'Phenomenon'.... all his dramas are the best ive ever watched...
294. elitetamer
Very talented, his acting in Good luck very awesome, in beautiful life also nice :)
295. idetakun
he's just excellent!!!
However, i prefer his old doramas then his recent works ...
296. wachi
He doesn't need my vote.. but I'm here anyway! Kimutaku will always be my number 1.
297. keiichi_mibara
Its Kimura Takuya! What can I say more about him. He's not a good but GREAT actor.
298. Sugarplumie
omg i can go on forever. and im sure the things i want to say have been said haha
299. Guy_Viet
All job he plays in his drama, somehow after watching them I want to do it to lol
300. shortmei
must be blind if you do not acknowledge him as one of the best actors out there.
301. mrs_chiba
one of the best actors around! i don't think anyone can say no to hie acting. =)
302. master_boy
He's handsome & cute... & I like his style... I love him!! ;) A LOT ;D
303. v1olet
Takuya Kimura gives soul to most of his dorama. Excellent in every character.
304. kiwi
I only watch his role as Halu in Pride. So far he is quite popular isnt he ^^
305. ongrina82
My idol!! He's just great, can act, sing, dance. Super!! He is Takuya Kimura!
306. jgal
his best role was in long vacation!!! his character was extremely memorable
307. BettylovesTakuya
Great actor, dancer, singer, great cook as well. Cool without even trying.
308. doramaqueen2004
He is a true star! He is a good actor, he can play a wide range of roles!
309. shadyiela
he's cool man...to cool...n too cute!!! hehehehe!!!! kambare!!!!! jiak!!!
310. Sevenz
Great performance in all of his movies...Great charisma and acting skill!
311. whowhatme
like his onscreen personality, this guy's quite the joker and cool guy :)
312. Enna
Those mesmerizing eyes and his quiet strength in all of his performances.
313. snell
His best performance in "Good Luck" changed my opinion of his acting. =)
314. williu
What can one say? He's the best at what he does, that's the bottom line!
315. Nobita-kun
Strong screen presence, charming, and charismatic. The king of J-dorama!
316. MonsterZero65
The king of drama's. Was he ever in a bad drama? If so I did not see it.
317. Azumi
Really great actor. In almost every role he play, he is very belivable.
318. gaijinmark
Like Steve McQueen, such a big star, you forget how good an actor he is
319. w-kassy
Have a great skill of acting. One of the best actor that I've ever saw.
320. morgana1616
He was amazing in Pride. I can't wait to see him in some other Dramas.
321. cute_kyoko
ohh!! i really luv his acting in any character he played.. so macho!
322. requiem
It's just wrong NOT to vote for him. In most of my favorite dramas.
323. jianne
he's hot! he's handsome! he's everything! i love him to the bits! :D
324. pingpiyo
I don't think I can ever stop watching him and his manly charm.. ;)
325. Warrior
A handsome and a cool guy.He is one of my favorite japanese actors
326. Jackykero
Worth more than the classic Cool guy role he played so many times.
327. Wynter
He already has the most votes EVAH, but I DO enjoy him in a drama.
328. mista_t
pretty good actor, not a big smap fan, good looking for a man too
329. gmjp
Extremely talented actor. Name any role and he'll surely deliver.
330. .k3NiCHi
Any show he's in is practically a hit and really good by default.
331. sorakin
Awesome acting. Pride has been one of the best doramas i've seen
332. iceman
Hei what can I say, acting, singing,popular. He is TAKUYA KIMURA
333. bunnikawaii
Wow! Another cutie. He can act too. He's great in Good Luck!!
334. aznkoodies
I'm a male; and if I had to choose, he's my favorite male actor.
335. bamboo
simply great for so long and cannot withstand his pairs of eyes.
336. sangmin
his related to my friend and i met him and takuya his hella nice
337. Muramar
So cute! I just love him!! I love his voice! I like his doramas!
338. silverpuzzle
Started liking him since Long Vacation, then Beautiful Life..etc
339. TANG
he is absolutley lovely, he's cute, cool , smooth and talented.
340. yijing
we all know why i vote for him (*smiles*) he's just too good...
341. celery
Funny and can act well. I have watched almost all of his drama.
342. nieda
talented actor.. can bring any role perfectly.. good looking :p
343. murasaqui
how can you NOT love this guy!? arguably, the king of j-dorama.
344. bigid
Most of my Fav dramas are his.
Best actor i seen yet on jdrama
345. vienna_sg
My first japanese idol. Fall in love with him in Love Vacation
346. Bedi
Very famous, a great actor and one of my favourites from Japan
347. pedang_patah
bcuz everyone else does??!bcuz he is gorgeous and kakkoii na!!
348. gothangel9381
I loved him when I first saw Long Vacation. He's just AWSOME!
349. yosora
reason for voting? well, geez, because he IS kimura takuya ;-)
350. we!Rd^dUcK
I'm not his big fan.... but still i can tell that he's great.
351. Shakyamuni
Simply the coolest. He's so cool and a pretty good actor too.
352. major_major
This man continually inspires me to keep up my smoking habit.
353. kouru
even with two kids, he still shows the very best of himself.
354. hanayoridangofinal
You rock man!!!! I like CHANGE the most in all of his dramas
355. Dot
What can I say... he's too famous. And his acting is great!
356. butterLiLy
One of the best J-actors out there..No, make it the best :p
357. phoenix278
Seriously, how can u not vote for him. A really cool actor!
358. gizm092
I admit, I look for this guy first before I select a drama
359. dannylai
Great Actor... i must admit... brings the drama to life...
360. cthans
He's sooo talented...love most of the dramas that he's in!
361. skydiver
i only watch dramas starring TAKUKIMU!!! he totally rocks.
362. sabriel
he's kimura takuya! i cant think of a reason not to vote!
363. cola_cherry
truly one of the cutest and most talented guys ever lived
364. RoseK
he has lots of potentials to be famous all over the world
365. samurai_x
Girls love him...... I just think he's a good actor.. ;)
366. David Heinemann
Since Hoshi no Kinka one of my favorate actors in Japan.
367. Taisuke
They're SMAP, and I love them. They're my biggest love !
368. syu77
I really love watching him in Good Luck.... kawaiiii!!!
369. kaonashi
Above all, a Kimura Takuya drama's usually a great one.
370. json1980
The epitome of Coolness. All his characters are cool.
371. yon
the 300th votes of kimutaku belongs to me!!! hehehe...
372. TK
such a talented actor. i love like all his doramas ^^
373. Mengo
Beautiful acting in his dramas, a legend in J Dramas.
374. wywy80
Awesome all round artists and all his series are good
375. fatma
this is my very2 most lovly actor... i like her much
376. Calintz
the coolest actor , (good luck) he really is amazing
377. kinki_txr
His acting just gets better in every drama he acted.
378. koalabear
Isn't it obvious? The guy is gorgeous and talented!
379. deathwolf
He has the audience appeal + he can act realliz well
380. aqua
dunno why but he just melt me with all his drama....
381. irul
Hm.. simply perfect.. so natural actor.. gr8 actor..
382. raffz
This is my favourite Idol. Yay I love Takuya \o_o/''
383. Eve
Ok Im patheitc, I worship him like everybody else!!
384. tabris
Most popular artist in Japan...what more can i say?
385. m0el
A very good actor, his doramas is always a good one
386. horse35
.................<can't use words to describe>
387. Akakumori
Great actor! I love all dramas he's performing on.
388. Srey-Leak
I have anything has to say because it is perfect !
389. ep:silon
He is a born artiste. Sings well, acts well too~!
390. inessalenin
Not only good looking but also great performance!
391. a-nesuto
NO ONE can touch him. he is the King of Dorama...
392. Isa
Brings the coolness in every character he plays.
393. vega12
How can you NOT vote for the superstar KimuTaku?
394. DukeGonzalez
elee.. always playing as a cool guy.. wokeh lar
395. Jessicasoon
king of the king! who in asia doesn't know him?
396. sepomi800
he's cool...and i definitely love his acting!!!
397. karmyk
a great actor... very cute (i love his smile).
398. Natsume Maya
Kimura.... well.. do I have to say anything?!
399. ainakaikun
really love his performance in Long Vacation.
400. Onizuka007
10 Need I say more ?? My favorite male actor
401. blanche_yih
Simply the BEST! No one can replace Kimura!
402. andra mega
JAPAN NUMBER 1 ACTOR. talented, good looking
403. simpletoad
Most versatile, suave actor yet in Japan ((:
404. jpnz-pride
He's everything.. Love his acting and songs
405. ~airin~
He is a very good actor and very handsome!
406. maui
i can't find any reason to not vote for him
407. adhi-kun
Good face + good acting = high vote rating
408. yamete_evie
It's Kimura Takuya, I don't need a reason.
409. PinK/Purple
Love him in every drama he played...Kawaii
410. takuya_loves_me_most
he has it all!
brilliant+superior actor..
411. kanshu
A talented actor as well as a good singer.
412. halu_jiro
great actor, good looks, great personality
413. aisuzieya
he's the Japanese hero for certain reason~
414. blurq
How can anyone NOT fall in love with him?
415. farahrasol
he's so damn cute....i'm in love with him
416. obekenobe
He is a good actor with alot of charisma.
417. dvampyrlestat
is there any role this guy can't portray?
418. aoi_dolphine
Simply love the fact that he is charming.
419. Tokibaka
Very talented. I enjoy all of his dramas.
420. glayjiro1017
amazing! versatile and excellent actor :)
421. stargirl
I want Takuya to become my older brother
422. Lauralye76
What to say..good looking & acts well...
423. teru teru bozu
cute and very energic!very very talented
424. lovejdorama
Best on screen charisma as leading actor
425. Doff
Love the guy, he's the best actor ever..
426. sweet_tapioca
what can I say, he is just irresistable!
427. ying1128
Very good actor and very handsome too!!!
428. guchik
What can i say about him. He is SUPERB.
429. Caline
He is very flexible and also KAWAII~!!!
430. azureus
the best japannese actor i've ever seen
431. olivia158
A real talent!!! Good acting skills....
432. tzanth
You cant get much cooler then kimutaku
433. joeodagiri
what to say,
he is simply sugoiii ne!
434. Maschera
No doubt the king of Japanese dramas.
435. saito
like most of his drama, good scripts.
436. dummyuser7
He's the best actor! and sooo cool!!
437. femiihsani
he has this cute and innocent face..
438. jaba
One of the best guy actors so far :)
439. oresama606
Hes soo cool, loved all of his shows
440. alkhoon
Great actor and very cute too =^-^=
441. gakuchi
Its Kimura Takuya. Need I say more?
442. dangimaddicted
i just saw his dramas freaking good
443. tkgal
My favorite Japanese actor forever!
444. karin-chan
he's in mid-30's and he still HOT!!
445. hilmifaiz24
wa superb acting gambatte ne taku
446. joykimlee
My first j hero n evergreen j star.
447. Jani
No need for words. He rules jdramas
448. lost_baka
man this guys just got pure talent
449. triyandafilisus
I am too much in love with him ^.^
450. jun-mao
Multitalented, Timeless, Adaptable
451. Prongs
Sugoi !!!
One of the beat artist
452. expanzee
He doesn't act, he is so natural.
453. lynx2316
no.1 Japanese actor in my mind..
454. obmik
he's awesome. especially in hero
455. Stevie
I like Takuya because of Pride!!
456. theanonymousafro
Seen him in several great shows.
457. nakamotosan
All his movies are entertaining.
458. ReeNa
Cute and very Talented actor...
459. sadako-sempai
blue scorpions! win! win! win!
460. WD
Great actor & really 'kakkoi'!
461. mariaclara
sooo cool! I love his acting.
462. monsterbumps
he's so cute ! i love takuya !
463. mariko
one of the most kakui in japan
464. sashimi
What can I say, great actor!!!
465. arumndalu
Not need to comment, Best ever
466. jiyatz
the hottest man in asia ever!!
467. bluescorpion
cool actor. he is my idol (^^)
468. smap
needless to say..........^_^P
469. cheese
Just like watching his drama.
470. ladyusagi
what's NOT to love about him?
471. seli
in long vacation he's so cool
472. jicks
This man is simply amazing <3
473. unnoseonna
only looks good - zero talent
474. fuqinlan
one of my most favoutite!!!!
475. biru_gohan
KimaTaku. Need to say more?
476. xxhiroxx
One of the best actors ever!
477. pcmodem
Yes, he really is that good.
478. jashingo
He's simply the dramas king~
479. cajunx
lurve him in all his jdorama
480. Ralbol
Le Georges Abitbol du Japon.
481. milly
cool...handsome...good actor
482. N|sz^^aYa
Kimu Taku is my first idol!
483. :::hALuCin8:::
Charismatic and handsome!!!
484. angiemakino
Like his freestyle acting !
485. loreejay
and a great actor
486. chicken boo
Great actor, awesome shows
487. twennie66
Good looking and talented.
488. scullbox82
his acting talent is sugoi
489. motomoto
love most of his dramas =)
490. zhaoduoyi
Takuya is the gift of God!
491. Red Impulse
Love Generation and Hero.
492. schon
this guy can be anything.
493. Aunty Coco
Isn't the reason obvious?
494. LuvinJdrama1579
Man he is one SEXY asian!
495. mok
The current best jactor!!
496. jaybird
He is always number one!
497. Nat
This guy is so charming!
498. komos
All his dramas ROCK! ^_^
499. sh0rtstop00
funny, i like his acting
500. dnie
He sets the benchmark..
501. Bsalez
The best of da best !!
502. z123_us
zzzzzz BEST .. for sure
503. twentytrees
love his acting skills.
504. rainbowtrails
505. fhanggi
the emperor of j-dorama
506. Ayu
great acting, handsome
507. hanaru_shinten
508. rumashiki
He is simply cool!!!!!
509. digitalblitz
he is the KING. muacks
510. infidel16
kyaaaaaaa daisuki-des!
511. anasstassia
He is born to be actor
512. dummyuser6
he just a great actor
513. Michi
one talented actor!!
514. smap_gal
I Luv his acting!!!!
515. cipong
Very talented actor.
516. anc4y
he is the real actor
517. hendry
saikyo no ichiban ne
518. awrittensin
One word: gorgeous.
519. fighterpilot
Coolest guy around!
520. erick_himura
Cool-nya gue banget
521. Sajen16
love him he's great
522. andorea
Love this guys! :D
523. indayze
owned me in Pride.
524. yeong84
A talented person
525. Miyu_Kaya
He is nice actor.
526. zizi
527. polar1s
528. Ninok
529. jiroukirihara
picks great roles
530. ai..
love him sooo >.<
531. aerozein
Four thumbs up !!
532. malmalade_boy
Very Cool Guy...
533. rainbowtonight
He is the best .
534. hiroko
i love kimmie!!!
535. russia
favourite actor
536. KuroiOni
looks so gentle
537. nad
the best ever..
538. Urameshy
The best actor.
539. sadclown
a living legend
540. hide_hikaru_minako
He's the BEST!
541. adena
542. GIGI
543. Yashiro
Great artist .
544. CatD95
Amazing actor.
545. jouhana
546. nyza_82
He's the best!
547. maeda
Coolest guy!!!
548. elventuna
549. puny_bunny12
He's too good.
550. kidcadaver
He's the man.
551. kaka
cool actor...
552. arianna_kimura
My fav actor!
553. brian_brian
superb actor
554. watari
Great actor!
555. PepperGreen
great actor!
556. gorgeous_in_tears
557. ct_subang
choo kakkoi
558. jo
Good actor!
559. setiawan_arif
cool guy...
560. Almir Borges
The Best!!!
561. mrose
cool actor!
562. thereisnomail
always good
563. Andro
He's COOL!
564. 100%enka4life
good actor
565. ReginaldoKs
the legend
566. Ryvyan
567. marinakyo
568. Bluejay
The best.
569. shizune
570. aku
571. Wallfire
he's cool
572. serm2802
Of course
573. butetgra
574. zchendevlemh
575. jellyana
love him
576. Ezalor
Da best.
577. eastyarn
578. sorani
pure joy
579. artis2203
Good act
580. musz_eng
so cool
581. Baka Senpai
582. Luen
583. bestfriend
584. rezadonk
585. Lifo
586. orange_k4zu
No. 1
588. Macchi
589. jalen
590. leftleg
: D
591. kaotsun
592. Sharpshooter
593. hebiko
594. primetime
595. peeka
596. Carlanox
597. juliana_phang
598. oOOo
599. Sungirl
600. iewiz
601. Joyce
602. rikastar
603. chynaxdawl
604. ykobasig
605. pj0t
606. Kipeng
607. Mayumi
608. Xrookie
609. richemon25
610. bulanbintang
611. gadink_boy
612. ghost887
613. elysia
614. nurgee
615. varrius
616. gerwalker
617. Tokeida Yuji
618. smallangel1
619. holocaust
620. berybery
621. ciahcra
622. Ayanami
623. sunlongan
624. nanashiberyl
625. v69
626. netbreaker
627. yuri-chan
628. ccrystalle
629. Ikha
630. GreenIce
631. otaking
632. boro240
633. dummyuser14
634. geoffropuff
635. comet
636. zanonia
637. serewen
638. cyberarts
639. beat emotion
640. solidsonya
641. Yu* *Ki
642. QooKiGurL
643. angel12
644. miki
645. Maine
646. dae_dream
647. mwulaflaga
648. shikirocks
649. jung
650. akulaki
651. momoe
652. coffeechick
653. prettylady
654. merumerumee
655. Saulenger
656. alanyick
657. Subarashii
658. xnisula
659. gregsan
660. Fusion
661. comel_5
662. qosh
663. Chokoreto_Gal
664. jasspong
665. ice_shi
666. Furutaimkira
667. Roppongi04
668. Titicamara82
669. lynn
670. Taurmindo
671. Ayumi Kyoko
672. blakmetalik
673. yajiro
674. lgp1520
675. JPD Fan
676. kamikazestyle71
677. belle83
678. siu dong
679. naner
680. poch05
681. Yokatta
682. kurusawa
683. YuriJinnai
684. Hero
685. junichi
686. estranged
687. miyuki88
688. ainangst
689. shiudy
690. Tazrol
691. ayukawa22
692. mariedare
693. acerman
694. eightysix
695. Razzmatazzz
696. jcccf
697. aznvietguy
698. Susan
699. kenLain
700. kinsei
701. dily
702. makky
703. Lynn9
704. ahweigor
705. hairbeeleck
706. elie
707. gulugutca
708. arlena-chan
709. aquababy
710. kotoko
711. Takeya
712. Kaizoku
713. chu-girl
714. laudakwah
715. yingying
716. koroko
717. miriya52
718. TeTsUyA
719. brokenlines
720. Xntrggr
721. chckboy5
722. apple-freeze
723. Tougen
724. non-angelical
725. raei
726. milkshake
727. kailing915
728. magic_makoo
729. Victorious Secret
730. _Shigatsu_
731. crystalespers
732. gemplee
733. Wayspooled
734. chrisje
735. takara51244
736. Kafong
737. myrace
738. itsuki
739. Mustiiien
740. spira0902
741. Shachus
742. usop
743. nagashi
744. Aire
745. biteme_lestat
746. fastat3m
747. Sana1x2
748. chinayvo
749. cutee
750. kanon
751. lapamehot
752. w3bhead
753. Akiiness
754. ^aPPLe^
755. Shinda
756. da_wintergurl
757. sosweet56
758. ylime
759. aryena
760. heyheybp
761. Aiwa san
762. Bushwick2002
763. feliss
764. mangifera
765. vintage11
766. antonioz
767. apithea
768. chiba
769. Vanilla
770. Makin
771. lilly_pad
772. Havoc
773. Takashi
774. jasp10n
775. PY
776. fataliste
777. kensai1824
778. spica_hime
779. kuroi_rose
780. Steve
781. kawaii_blue
782. TiKiBoo
783. dereverse
784. minoru89
785. fabiohidashi
786. alesan
787. pv604
788. kyoihishi
789. buraian_
790. paulinho__
791. coldeyes
792. ~HANABI~
793. rastelou
794. masaki-chan
795. thinkbeyond
796. sinned12
797. elauder
798. blue_imaginary
799. nomuramai
800. kiyosakitakako
801. bluecat85
802. Bauer
803. zmtomako
804. spikefayejeted
805. in.the.cold.breeze.
806. Mabelka
807. SagSousuke
808. dhiNe
809. Elf Elf
810. Jama
811. jugatsu15
812. adrxuan
813. babysports
814. FireReaverX
815. Barbara
816. M
817. yebisu
818. varuna82
819. cath_yee
820. MonsterUD
821. sora21
822. Indojinjosei24
823. uscccs
824. koolaid
825. bobopuzo
826. tagnickname55
827. 3571mylucky
828. anon001
829. Oba-chan
830. j@cko
831. 3ine
832. david97
833. kiel_alterego
834. guti_80

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