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Friends [フレンズ]


Drama Details
Telecast:2002-02-04 to 2002-02-16
Season:Winter 2002

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TV Station:TBS
Duration:4 Episodes

Users who voted for this drama (76)
1. naner
A superb movie with Korean and Japanese actors. It was very touching to be able watch the hardship that tomoko and ji hung had to go through. I really like the two main characters and the actors that portrayed them, Won Bin and Ryoko.
I really like this drama. Once i got started I couldn't stop. *thumb up*
2. Aki
I loved the chemistry and storyline between the lead actor, Won Bin and actress, Fukada Kyouko immensely. While this seems like a cliche love story across distance, it's not as simple as it seems.. it subtly takes on issues between Korea and Japan as well. A 4-disc mini dorama, it's very much worth a watch.
3. Mylani
This was the first drama we watched that was both Japanese and Korean. Both main characters are very talented (and good looking, which always helps, hee hee), and the series addressed some very interesting cultural issues, even if it was a bit lopsided...
4. db9paka
I hate Won Bin! He was trying hard to be charming and all, but there's just something about him that makes me almost puke everytime he's on screen. Kyoko on the other hand, shines throughout the entire show.
5. hawkz714
i learn a bit about the difference between korea n japan in this story..thanx for the wonderfullll gReAT dorama!!!!!LOVe kyoko fukada n won bin in here!!
6. Ichigo_
So nice love story! Again Fukada Kyoko was nice and Won Bin too this was a nice and touching serie only of 4 episode but enough to make you cry!
7. Hibiki-san
Quite good, and Kyoko Fukada really gets to flex her acting muscles here. I just wish there were a bit more chemistry between the 2 leads
8. Amirul
I watch this drama in 2 weeks before I went to Korea..as it pictures many beautiful sight seeing in Seoul and Tokyo and I like it so much
9. ilengxw
Such a short drama yet enjoyable. The idea of Kyoko not even knowing korean was impressive since she still was able to play the part.
10. Lancome
It´s short but very nicly done and talented actors. And it´s the second of, I hope more to come, coproduction of Japan and Korea!
11. ayumihamasakisan
I really like this drama, it was very moving on how the two connected almost immediately. Tomoko (Kyoko) was REALLY cute too.
12. chocofit
this dorama is so...unexplainable. good plot, good pictures...i learned much from the scenes and quotes. two thumbs up!
13. zchendevlemh
dorama - great
cast - cute(kyoko)
language - headache (english, cantonese, korean, niponggo)

14. cute_kyoko
uhhh! really touching... and so nice both the hero and heroin :)... I like this drama and already got its vcd
15. sayurikurata
A great show!!! I love the two main characters and the story plot's great!! It's sentimental and sweet!!
16. iretan
this series does not disappoint!! well worth the only 4 episodes they produced!! better check it out!!
17. scullbox82
+ love story
+ wonbin is a handsome guy
+ i love kyoko fukada
+ the storyline is simple and sweet
18. gakuchi
Heard it took them three years to do this. It wasnt as good as what I had expected, but almost.
19. strawberrynkiwi
this drama for sure gets my vote~ its like every girl's dream... but too bad it was so short.
20. lamy2
It was a romantic drama with won bin and also kyoko as the cast. OOOH.... very charm!!!!
21. xiaole
I love the chemistry between them and kyoko fukada/won bin = great eyecandy ・・・★
22. animetama
It's got Won Bin, do we even need another reason to watch it..? hehe^^
23. Wen3Wen
Loved the music and the actors/actresses ... 4 eps and down to the pt
24. lucid
korean is fun ^^

but sometimes fukada is a little "too cute"
25. ocha
Kyoko and Wonbin really made a cute couple here. Quite romantic.
26. miumiu_sky
Although just 4 episodes.. kinda short! But I love this dorama.
27. Roy
great movie with a great touch. I like kyoko in this movie...
28. dianix
the best love story dorama ever! i like kyoko and won bin!
29. Kaelynne
good Korean-Japanese collaboration.
Love the soundtrack!
30. I LUV V6!
Kyoko Fukada is so cute...and Won Bin is super hot!
31. anneyuu
Sweet & cute short drama, really lovable *o*
32. johnnythao
This drama is very good, I love the beginning.
33. chrisyukiefan
I love this series... love the twised :-) !!
34. Marcel
I just love her acting in this short drama.
35. agni
long distance reLatioNship! so romantic!!!
36. yo-chan
absolutely cute although a bit chliche!
37. fuqinlan
one of my all time favourite show !!!
38. pj0t
the story line is a little different
39. Hamano-Itoe
this show was so great!! i love it!!
40. :::hALuCin8:::
Cute story...cute actor, Won Bin.
41. baen_86
i don't no,juz luv to watch it!!
42. Superpimp2g
Simple reason. Its really good.
43. JackClark
Best love story I've ever seen
44. RAJIN90
i liked it and still like it
45. ferumm17
this show is so touching...
46. mrsmith10
One of my favorite dramas.
47. uKari
48. ai..
i love both of them >.<
49. John Cena
i like this series!!!!
50. prettylady
Such a sweet ending!!
51. farahrasol
love knows no borders
52. Yokatta
Nice Story line...
53. rinarina
Entertaining much
54. Samuel
nice also... ^.^
55. hebiko
~ no comment ~
56. asugar2
cute cast!
57. fatma
58. hmm
59. lucky
60. garyura_akira
61. 1cy^Dr3@mz
62. pinky
63. Theroots28
64. sweaky
65. Furutaimkira
66. koiichef
67. Lynn9
68. irul
69. spira0902
70. ella
71. Sana1x2
72. mglory67
73. Keru-chan
74. baka123
75. Fukakyon_Fan
76. jdoramafan44

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